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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 5

I just woke up...yea for sleeping I can't remember the last time I slept until 9am!
I'm at Eva's place and she has already bustled off to work (told you she was a busy girl).
We had so much fun last night I met up with her and we went down to the "One of a Kind" show.
It is a mix of a very high end craft show and unique gifts.
We had a TON of fun looking at all the different vendors.
Of note was beautiful pottery, glasswear, metal works, spices, jams, woodwork and clothing. 
I think I need to figure out how to take pics myself of these places with my phone and then upload them to here so that I (and readers) have an idea of what its like to be in it all.
Eva and my mission was to find our girl B a birthday gift for her birthday next weekend.
We tried brainstorming ideas about decor and things like that but couldn't remember colours of B's place.
We found the most gorgeous metal works wall wine holder? (I am calling it that haha).
The vendor was a place called Practical Art which is from Stratford, Ontario...and for those of you who may not have heard that is where Justin Bieber is from.  It has much more notable traits about it but I'm guessing people are more familiar with that then their Stratford Festival (their famous Shakespearean run of plays at their very well known theatre), or their swans.
So we were successful!  We hope B likes it :)

Well at least I managed to start off a "day" without the focus on PH (well at least on a blog post).
Still nothing after my message to him about just wanting an update on ILawyer and wanting to get my things sent in a timely manner.

It was great to talk to Eva about it.  She has such a level head.  And one thing she said that brought me immense relief is that she has been struggling all week to wrap her head around it.  Like why?  She also said that she struggled with was how not one of the girls saw it.  You see my girls are so observant and they see things WAY before I do.  Eva said it wasn't even on the radar.  They are all baffled and annoyed and why go through all the things we went through like an Engagement party and Engagement photos and booking everything.  So at least I'm not the only one that is super confused.

So it's kind of like having a dull headache all the time.  Just kind of bothering you all day.  I would just like things to be over as soon as possible so I can move on....granted I didn't want things to be over but you really can't make someone want to be with you.  So I hope I can get my things back and I hope this isn't dragged out over many more weeks.  I'll keep you posted.

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