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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter S-3: Hotel Breakfasts, Trump Towers, and Army Bases

Okay so as painful as it is feeling I’m going to continue with Spencer’s chapters.  However I totally reserve the right to go back and do an earlier chapter if I need to take a breather as Spencer is so recent.

October 2009

So I planned on meeting him downstairs at .
For some reason I didn’t know if he would even show up.
I remember going downstairs…I remember wearing knit tights, a cotton black mini-dress and metallic flats.
I saw him across the lobby of the W.
He was taller and skinnier than I remembered.
He had a receder which reminded me of Jane’s boyfriend (now husband).
Not my type but I figured it was just breakfast.

We hugged and went to eat breakfast at the overpriced hotel restaurant.
Not that the W isn’t the most incredible hotel as always but I always feel like hotel breakfast is overpriced.
I remember barely eating because we were both gabbing a mile a minute.
We talked a lot about our families.
We talked about travel.
He told me a little about his past…he was in the Army (but only had until January to finish his contract up…he had been previously injured which is why he was inactive…I didn’t notice anything obvious and I didn’t press for more information on that subject).  Being Canadian I have to admit I never knew much about the Armed Forces.  I never knew anyone that actually served.  I didn’t know what to ask or how to ask about things so I just let him volunteer his information.  He let me know he was a Green Beret (I had no idea at the time how amazing an accomplishment that was).
I admit it I was totally impressed.
To me that signalled extreme loyalty and bravery and commitment.
He told me about his current job (which was still related to the Armed Forces hence him being in Seoul but in the private sector).

He asked if I wanted a ride to the airport.
I agreed I was having a ball talking to him.
It was fun and flirty.
Since we still had a few hours to kill before my flight he asked if I wanted to see a little more of Seoul.
So we quickly wrapped up breakfast and headed up to my room to grab my bags.
Relax!!! Nothing happened haha.
I figured he was just checking out if there was one or two beds in the room I shared with Kurt.  For the record there was two and both clearly slept in haha.

So then we hopped in his car while he first showed me some different things.
Then he asked if I wanted to see a great view of Seoul from his apartment.
Hmmm I paused and though…what harm could come of that.
We had been having a great conversation and I was having so much fun.
He also mentioned we would have to be quick and if we were then maybe we could stop by the base for him to show me around.
I was completely intrigued.  I have heard of Army bases etc and it sounded so interesting.

So first we headed to his apartment and we had an endless stream of great conversation.
I felt so comfortable with him.
I told him about my recent travel adventures.
I opened up a little about my family and a lot about my amazing girlfriends who I missed dearly.
We pulled up to the Trump Towers in Seoul and he had a penthouse apartment that had GORGEOUS views of Seoul.
I admit it I was very impressed this boy seemed to really have his stuff together.
At only 25 at the time he seemed to be way ahead of the game and really mature for his age…though I joked that at 27 I was an “older woman”.
He had a total bachelor pad...a three bedroom two bath condo with poker table and bar all set up to go for a great party. 
We basically just had enough time to check out the view and grab a quick drink.

We then headed to the Army base (my first time I have ever been to one).
I got all “checked in” and he told me no I couldn’t take pictures haha I was BLOWN away at how cool and American this community looked especially in the heart of an Asian country. 
We took a stroll around and it was so neat and kind of bizarre to see soldiers walking around.  He told me stories of when he was actually an Military Police officer before the Green Beret thing and stationed in Korea years before.  He pointed out his post and told me stories of his time on base and gave me a short run down of how everything worked.
He had enlisted right from high school at 18 and was injured at 22 overseas.
The past three years had included 2 surgeries and finishing up his degree at the University of Florida, a brief stint as a State Trooper in Florida and setting up his own company (remember how he had his business card with CEO on it?) and then his current job now.
I remember thinking wow this is the first person in a long time that I've met that seems as busy and driven as myself. 

We were going to head into his office on base.
But he got a phone call that someone had tried to basically throw him under the bus for something at work.
His dad (who worked with him) called and suggested he avoid the office with a visitor.
So I didn't have a chance to visit his office but we had a pretty full morning.
Besides before I knew it, it was time to head to the airport so that I could catch my marathon of flights.  I was heading back to Singapore (with stopover in Beijing to arrive at ) enough time to switch out my cold weather clothes for business attire for my trip the next morning ( flight to San Diego).
We talked the whole way there.
I remember getting nervous and wondering I wonder if he is going to try and kiss me?
Or what will our goodbye be like.

We had gone through topics of even things like religion and politics (and we were in line with those too!)  It really was the best date I had been on in a long long time.
I was smiley and silly and happy.

So we pull up to the airport.
He did comment on my lack of light packing…I just shrugged and pulled the girly card.
Then I was said… “well thanks for today…I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya”
He smiled and said “I’m definitely coming to see you in Singapore in the next couple of weeks”
This made me giddy and happy and I said “you don’t have to feel obligated but Singapore is awesome and it would be fun.”
Then he leaned in…and gave me a hug.
Odd, it was a weird vibe at that point.
Hmmm maybe he was just looking to be buddies and for a friend in another country (I know I’ve done that before).
So I was actually a little disappointed.

Oh well maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought.
So I hopped on a plane to be delayed in my stop over of Beijing for hours!
Instead of arriving in Singapore at I arrived at !
I was exhausted!  I was so exhausted that I didn’t even see that two of my flatmates had come to meet me at the airport at . 
How did I figure that out?
This is embarrassing but they actually were able to grab a few things out of my backpack without me even noticing!  I only figure it out because eventually they couldn't contain their laughter. 
That made them very concerned especially because I had a penchant to travel on my own.
By the time we got home it was 2 and I had about an hour where I showered and ate something and repacked because I had to head right back to the airport to make my flight time (with the 90 minute earlier required check in).

Before I knew it I was headed to San Diego for my business trip…flying with my boss (which means I was more alert then usual).
I was excited because my parents were meeting me there and I hadn’t seen them since first moving to Singapore at the beginning of May.
I wondered…would Spencer really come to Singapore.
How did he think that morning went?
Was it a “date” or just friends hanging out…
I had a long trip to think about that…

To be continued…

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