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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Yoga Diaries~ Day 7 and 8

So clearly Yoga Day 7 I didn't go...I think my goal needs some revising so how about every other day yoga.  Therefore by the end of the 40 days my goal is to hit 20 classes.
This seems way more reasonable.
Especially because my left shoulder seems kind of irritated.

I don't get how downward dog is supposed to be relaxing or a rest pose.
It kills me.
Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it is one of the toughest poses for me.

Anywho I did go to Yoga Day 8 yesterday.
It was my fav instructor so I felt like I got a lot of the class.
I basically drove in silence with my mum to yoga and back because of this issue (read here).

During shabatayna (the lying like a corpse resting pose or whatever its called) I tried to figure out that classes were the thoughts going on in my head.

Hmmm this doesn't feel as hot as Monday.  That's kind of good.  Okay lets see my intention for yoga today...stop thinking about boys...why am I thinking about boys so much.  If its not Spencer (who I still have not heard annoyed better just meet with my lawyer asap) its Jacob (who I need to put together a nice little email ending our ridiculous pattern).  I thought I was trying to STOP thinking about boys...grrr...Teagan breathe...I love my Lulu top that Eva got is my makes my chest look awesome too which is kind of unreal for a work out top...will have to thank Eva later...breathe just breathe...I wonder if Spencer is with someone now...okay STOP it Teagan this is NOT what this class is likely he totally has...and Jacob has a fiancee which is an excellent reason not to talk about him...okay someone needs to put some music on because this is weirdly quiet and all I can hear are all these people breathing...don't people know they are supposed to breathe in and out of their noses instead of this gross mouth breathing...good someone turned on the music...when is class going to start...okay so this class I will focus on me and not boys...what is up with Thursday night Speedo boy in the weird...two other boys in the class clearly here with girlfriends...gosh I'm boy crazy...okay instructor is here no more thinking about boys!!

Finished the class and was glad I did.  I'm trying with my intention but I just can't stop the incessant stream of thoughts in my head...I'm thinking yoga is something I need and something I need to keep working on.

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