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Monday, December 20, 2010

Chapter X-17: Cryin' Won't Help You Now

So yesterday (Sunday) I was extremely frustrated at not hearing from Spencer.
Especially with his text on Friday saying "I'll call you tomorrow".
Here's what went down via text

Me:  Could you please let me know if the 28th at noon works for my parents to get my things.
Spencer: Yes that works.
Me:  Is there any contact info ie. a phone number etc as my parents will be travelling 2+hrs and would like to confirm the morning of.
Me:  Also if you would like to have any papers etc for dissolution then they can bring them here and we can end this as soon as possible as per your request.
Spencer: I don't need papers, Teagan.  The morning of the 28th parents are aware and will be there if I have to travel.
Me:  Well if you could please call me then to explain how it works/ending the "marriage" it would be very helpful.  I will cooperate in any way possible.
Me:  I really wish you would talk to me just one time to clear everything up.
Spencer:  I am waiting to hear from the lawyer...and my friend that is a family lawyer is looking into it.
Me:  It jurts me that you won't even talk on the phone to me.
Spencer:  I have no info right now.  It just every time you call, I either don't have my phone with me or I am working.  I am sorry you feel that way...
Me:  I guess I just wish there was an explanation of what happened because honestly I am shocked how things seemed to change 180 degrees in a few short weeks...I'm just trying to understand/find an explanation which would make it easier. response.
I'm so angry and frustrated.  Firstly because he told me he would be travelling from 27th-6th now its "if" he travels.  The fact that he won't even man up and discuss things over a phone is ridiculous.
And FYI I haven't called him in more than 2 weeks....and HE is the one who texted me Friday saying he would call on Saturday!!!!  I am so angry right now my blood is boiling.  It is total BS who doesn't have their phone with them and then hello calling back is usually courteous...or WHY ELSE would you text someone saying you will call the next day.  I am beyond angry and frustrated.  I have been so patient and non-harrassing I can't believe it.  I guess it will become step 1: get my things back and after that then it will be step 2.

This has just gotten beyond ridiculous in every possible way.
So frustrated!

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