Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

because I am away...

I will reveal to you that I may or may not be actively involved in hosting Eva's baby shower.
At my own suggestion.
Because really I don't know why.
Please take this time to shake your head at me because we all know how this will turn out.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

the stars at night are merry and bright...

Pic from here.
If you're reading this 
then that means
I'm on my way to 

Pic from here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a Mr's birthday!

I almost forgot to tell you about MrDentalSurgeon's birthday which was 3 Saturday's ago.
Earlier I had offered to cook him dinner that night.
BUT since he didn't get a hold of me until Friday I told him that wasn't enough time so we could just go out instead.

We went to Hy's Steakhouse downtown.
It is one of 5 in Canada and the only in Toronto.
(MrDentalSurgeon is obviously a steak guy).
Pic from the website...clearly a stunning place.

Pic from their website.  

Pic from the website.  A really pretty place!

We sat in a both like this (Pic from the website).
So we relaxed had some great conversation.
Ordered a bottle of wine.
And while he was gone to the bathroom I snuck the waiter my credit card.
Because it was his birthday and all and really I haven't paid for anything up until this point.

And it also allowed this special dessert to come.
I snapped a pic after MrDentalSurgeon said "oh we should have taken a pic".

From there we met up with his friend who was on a date at SpiceRoute.
I went there with Val this night.
We clearly were rescuing his friend who had zero interest in his date.

But he sure did act like he was interested.
It BLEW my mind.
She would go the bathroom and he would be all like "I'm not into her...she's too materialistic blah blah blah".
And then when she was around he was all hand on her low back and smiling and laughing.
This made me very perplexed.
Guess dating can be just a game.
And I wonder just how many times I've been thinking one thing and it was actually the complete opposite.
How strange.

Anywho after the two of us headed back to his place
Where we proceeded to fool around.
When I was ready to go home.
He said he needed to nap for half an hour to sober up.

That made me worried so I suggested I grab a cab instead.
Plus I was wearing a bright orange mini cocktail dress.
Definitely not Sunday morning attire and I wanted to avoid the walk of shame obviously.
So with that he put me into a cab and $58 later (gulp!  Expensive night!) I was home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm dumb aka I replied...

Pic from here.
Okay remember when I wrote this post (read here).
So I decided to reply to MrDentalSurgeon...

And this is what I came up with just over 24 hours after he messaged me,
"Actually I've been super sick as well...I'm guessing your sore throat wasn't bc of the raw onions ;)"
You see I guess I neglected to mention in this post.
That on our way to pick up his friend we stopped off at a gas station so he could get some cough drops.

He told me he has a bad reaction to raw onions.
And his mum put some in the pizza she made the night before.
So I laughed and asked him, "if you knew it was in there why did you eat it?"
His response "because it was really good pizza".
Such a GUY comment.

Anywho so maybe he was so distant that night... because he didn't feel great.
Anywho he blamed it on the raw onions.
But he totally had to have some kind of virus/infection.
I totally called him on it too.

Anyway I'm dumb for responding because it's been a whole 24 hours with no reply back.

Monday, August 27, 2012

a few Mondays ago

So a few Monday's ago (the first one in August...boy I am super behind in posting)
I was supposed to go on a date with MrConsultant.
But I didn't really feel like it.
Plus I had been sick the day before (from the ill effects of Chicago trip).
So I bailed on him.

Instead I met up with Val.
We decided we were up for an adventure.
And tried our hand at SUPing aka Stand Up Paddleboarding.
You know the new celebrity friendly water sport.

Nicole Ritchie does it (pics from here).
Cindy Crawford too.
Matt McConaghey (however you spell his name....he is yummy even if he acts like a dirty old man in Magic Mike!)
And let's not forget Brody Jenner who may be the hottest guy ever.  Seriously I can't even wrap my head around Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger right now...really from Brody to THAT guy?! Gross!
Anywho we may have lied about our experience a little.
I've never been and she has been once in Hawaii.
The current was pretty rough.
So much so that they weren't allowing Canoes out anymore on the lake.

So I was a little worried.
One of the flirtatious boat boys though suggested he boat us to the Toronto Islands because the waters would be a lot more calm out there.
So we agreed.  

And it was way calmer.
I didn't even fall into Lake Ontario once!
So we pretty much looked just like this...
Pic from here.
Pic from same as above.  Some amazing views of the Toronto Skyline.
We may have also stopped for a suntan break haha.
And had a booze cruise boat blow its horn at us and then got catcalled...that's when we decided we probably should get moving again and stop sun bathing.
It was super fun and is now definitely one of my new favourite water activities.

After just over 2 hours we worked up quite an appetite so we headed to try a patio.
A place that was just okay.
I can't even remember the name of it.
Then we headed to Val's because we wanted to try and make a cocktail.
This one...

Umm we soaked the cucumbers when the drink was made...oopsie but seriously who has time to soak cucumbers for at least 8 hours!!!

We thought it turned out pretty delicious and is our new fav.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday Monday :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

how I ended up in Chicago one night

So this is a much overdue post of how I ended up in Chicago on the first Saturday in August
It was a long holiday weekend here in Canada.
I knew we (MrDentalSurgeon and I had plans for Saturday night I just didn't know what).
So in my impatience (because we all know I thrive under a plan)...I texted him at 2pm asking if we were still on for that night.

He called me and said, "so umm how about we fly to Chicago for the night, can you be ready in an hour?"
I was nervous but ummm hello Chicago!
So I quickly packed and got ready to travel with him.

1. I totally love traveling with a man.
I think it is so super romantic.
2. I usually dress up to travel because it's fun (and also only when it is a fairly short flight).

Before I knew it we were at the airport going through security.
He arranged for us to stay one of the W's in Chicago because he remembered the W is my favourite!
And as we drove in I was so super excited.
Pic from here.
When we checked in we asked if a city view was possible (who wants a lake view anyway haha?)
Which upgraded us to an awesome room!
I wish I had taken pics...instead I snagged some off their website for you.
We stayed at their city centre one.  Pic from here.
Pic from W hotel site...this totally screams Hello Teagan welcome to Chicago!
Check in area...LOVE
Loved this lobby.
Romantic little nooks!
Loved the dark chairs.
Our room looked like this...I enjoyed the quote thoroughly.
That awkward moment when you agree to one king sized bed.
I seriously LOVE the W hotels.
I ALWAYS have an incredible time.
I can now add Chicago to that fab list that includes...New York, Seoul (Korea), Barcelona (Spain), Chicago...believe it or not I have not actually stayed at the W in Dallas yet!

So the concierge was fabulous as per usual and got us reservations at a steakplace Chicago is known for and a cool new bar that was in the style of a speakeasy.
So we quickly changed.

First we headed to Harry Caray's.
Boasting Chicago's greatest steak.
Pic from here.
We were WAY overdressed.
It was more of a family place with one too many teens in short shorts pouting over their cellphones at dinner.
Here's the entrance into the dining area we ate in.
Pic from here.
At least they had tablecloths and linens (and not butcher paper and crayons if you catch my drift).
I know I know I can be such a snob sometimes!
Pic from here.

Dinner was good.
MrDentalSurgeon had to excuse himself twice during dinner for long periods because he was having some reflux issues.
Which left me often dining alone.
It's likely because he wolfs down his food barely breathing but anyhow.

After a late dinner we headed to Untitled at about 11pm.
Modeled after a speakeasy.
Thank goodness our concierge had gotten us on the list because there was already a massive line.
Oh yea I forgot to mention Lollapollooza(spelling?) was happening at this the fact that we scored an awesome hotel and reservations anywhere in the city was a miracle in itself (we simply had no idea this was going on until the lady at the concierge desk told us-she could have got us tickets but thank goodness MrDentalSurgeon isn't into things like that-I'm so not an outdoor many hours play in the mud concert kind of gal).

Couldn't tell much from the outside.
But once inside I fell in love with it...

Pics all from official website.

So we settled into the cutest little table beside the stage.
You can see it at the top left of the next pic.

And listened to the amazing band.
This wasn't the exact band...but I can't find pics of the one we listed to.  Which was a female singer, and four guys with different instruments included the ones above!
So we indulged in many cocktails.
I had KirRoyale's (a few too many).
And as we closed out the bar and stumbled into a cab I was having an amazing night.
Until we got up to our hotel room which started to spin.
And before I knew it I was on my hands and knees in front of the toilet.
Not how to make a good

I was so super humiliated.
In the wee hours of the morning...we made out a lot but didn't take it that far.
I'm impressed he made out with me after hearing me hurl for a few hours before.

Then we got up to go explore the city.
And as I got ready.
I thought I was going to die.
It was different than being hungover though.
It was almost food poisoning esque.
MrDentalSurgeon looked at me and said, "you do not look good".
So instead of exploring Chicago and having fun.
I ended up having to lay in bed until 2pm.
And I was so upset and humiliated.
But I literally could not move or eat or anything.
MrDentalSurgeon went to go grab lunch and brought me back Advil and a Vitamin Water.
And before I knew it we were headed back to Toronto.
At least I didn't puke on the plane.
But Sunday night I had a birthday party of one of the CanadaCrew to go to and I didn't make it because I was still feeling awful.

So that my friends is how you turn an amazing trip to Chicago into a horrible embarrasing mess.

Maybe that's why MrDentalSurgeon is not really that interested...

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Pic from here
So yesterday at 4:50 this text from MrDentalSurgeon...

Hola Teagan!  Hope your having a good week, 
I've been sick as hell all week :s, 
finally feeling a bit better today - 
sinuses still super clogged but fever/chills etc. gone.

So ummm yea how do I reply to this?
I mean I know he is a crappy communicator but a ton of things about Saturday night I was unhappy with.
I know he was/is likely very sick (because that would explain why I'm currently super sick).
BUT not hearing from him since Sunday?!  I can't help but think of super sick MrKent who still managed to hang out with me (I mean how much energy does it actually take to text someone...its the whole if he cares he communicates thing...well then I can't really put that comparison to MrKent because he did end up breaking things off though when he was sick and still super communicative).

I'm clearly not super impressed.
But you know me I will probably come up with a super cheerful response back about how he got be sick.
Because you know...I'm a people pleaser like that.
I don't know...what do y'all think I should do?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday Night Fav

So a few Thursday's ago Val and I wanted to grab some dinner.
Our only goal...somewhere good where neither of us had been.
So after trying to figure out a place to go to.
We did what any normal person would do...
Pic from here.
Decided to try out a tiny quaint restaurant in Roncesvalles (a trendy neighbourhood downtown) that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were spotted at this summer.
It's called Hopgood's Foodliner.
Even the name sounds vintage/hipster cool.
Pic from here
All the seats were full so we had to settle for a seat at the bar.
Pic from here.
Again one of my favourite things of Toronto is the cool little places to discover.
But that made it all the better because our server was FANTASTIC.
So we decided to share a few things.
The menu can change there frequently but some things are staples.

1. The Halifax Donnairs.
OMG HEAVEN!  We asked for the sauce on the side (which I highly recommend).
It also makes things super messy.
Pic from here.
If you want to know what it is (from the link above) ...
Halifax donairs ($12): A thinly sliced mix of beef and pork is piled on fluffy homemade pitas, topped with chopped tomatoes, Vidalia onions and a creamy evaporated milk-based sauce. The pair is served over napkins on a crumpled paper bag. This was a snack that Hopgood often got walking home from school or late night after being out at the bar

2. A Tomato Salad
Summery fresh and oh so delicious!

3. The braised cheek and tiny sausages.
The cheek was good (we both loved the tiny sausages better) but was our least fav of the three dishes.

And if you go there you MUST order their dessert.
They make chocolate bars from scratch...called Crispy Toffee on the menu...

Crispy toffee is a chocolate bar made from rice crispies and cornflakes crushed with white chocolate, coated in toffee, then enrobed with dark chocolate, sprayed with buttery chocolate, and frozen. Defrosted, the bar is sprinkled with salt, tied up in a brown paper wrapper stamped Foodliner.

Not to sweet and just the perfect end to dinner!
How cute is it when it comes to your table (and obviously this is the point I remembered to take a pic)

It was amazing.
Another fabulous night in the city.
Val and I are slowly figuring it out.
And finding great places to eat is just the start.

Definitely one of my FAVOURITES in the city.
And yes I'm still sick...which is why I'm home on a Friday catching up on blogging.
Though I did just get a text from MrDentalSurgeon....hmmm separate post I think.
Don't want to ruin the FABULOUSNESS of this one.