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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the 26 minute date

So I'm going to try and stay at least on top of things in recent occurance realizing I still owe you a few updates.
Oh and in case you're wondering...I did message MrDentalSurgeon on Sunday evening inviting him over for "hangover pizza and a movie" to which he replied, "would be nice :). but I'm going to sleep soon -feel like crappola :(" 
And then I haven't heard from him since.
So yea anyway...

Last night I had my third date with MrPravda.
He picked me up looking super stylish in a lilac linen dress shirt and pants.
He was telling me about his new additional job as we drove downtown.

As we were driving his friend called.
And he told me this is one of his super close friends.
He said it might sound silly but they made sure to talk at least weekly.
It made me think of my close friendship with Taylor.

As we were parking his friend called again.
He asked if I minded if he answered since it was strange to do the two phone call thing.
I nodded and said "of course".

I could hear his guy friend sobbing.
It totally unnerves me when a guy cries.
Something was wrong.
I mouthed to MrPravda "we should go".

The boys discussed getting together in a few hours.
Turns out his friend is going through a divorce.
And his wife officially left him.
His family was with him but clearly he needed his friend.

So I offered to take a cab home.
MrPravda thought we could still grab dinner because he had his family with him and insisted that he was good right then and would see him in a few hours.
So knowing it would just be a quick dinner we headed in to Il Mulino
Pic from their website.
Super cute right.
And reminded me of the places I love in Toronto.
Small hidden jems.
Cozy and romantic.
Way more my style of restaurant than let's say...TheKeg.

I ordered the 
Spaghettini Bolognese Our Signature Homemade Meat Sauce

He ordered the
Agnello del Fornaio 42.95
Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb in a Pommery Mustard Sauce 

And as we had our first drink...
his friend called again.
Clearly distraught.
So we asked that they bring our bill and if our food was ready to put it in to go containers.

He drove me home.
We had actually really interesting talks on the drive home.
He told me about an engagement that was called off.

As he came up to my exit off the highway he asked...
what about you? what about your last serious relationship.
And I froze.

But then I said...well to be honest not something that can be covered in a 2 minute drive.
I sort of shrugged and know to be honest...things don't end unless they end badly.
He nodded in agreement....guess my story will have to wait until another time.

I was so deep in thought when I left the car.
He told me "I have to see you before you leave for Dallas".
I said "I'll try"...because I'm super busy...and I may have strep throat (started as a tickle in my throat yesterday but woke me up last night and is killing me right now)...I better NOT be sick for Dallas.

So as I walked across my lobby MrPravda called.
He was like I'm so sorry but could you take the food I don't want my friend to feel bad.
I said "of course...and I should probably eat dinner anyway".

And as he met me in front of my building he pulled me in for a good kiss.
And by 8:22pm I sat down to two dinners.

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