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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chapter X-34: around around we go

 The next day
Date: Thu, Jan 13, 2011

4:50 PM Jacob: hi
16 minutes
5:07 PM me: Hi
16 minutes
5:23 PM Jacob: u there
5:25 PM me: Hi
 Jacob: what r u up to
5:26 PM me: Just got home
5:27 PM Deciding what to makle for dinner
5:28 PM What r u up to? Working?

Here comes our boring self-improvement work chat...

 Jacob: working then im going to a toastmasters meeting
5:29 PM me: First one?
 Jacob: yep
 me: Exciting!
 Jacob: have u been
  my boss's wife is coming w me
5:30 PM me: Ok I went to something similar in asia
  I'm good at faking it so people don't know I'm nervous haha
 Jacob: did u like it
25 minutes
5:56 PM me: Yup
6:00 PM Jacob: hey
 me: Hi
  Yes I liked it
 Jacob: oh ok
6:01 PM me: I basically for public speaking find myself faking it (in the sense of being comfortable)
  I'm outspoken with my friends but its hard to be in front of strangers
6:02 PM Guess what canada is getting target yippee!!!!!

can you tell how excited I am for Canada to get Target?

 Jacob: cool
 me: I love target
6:03 PM Jacob: i know
 me: Haha

he does know me pretty well

6:05 PM Jacob: when does Taylor get there

He knows Taylor because at one time we all lived in the same city

 me: Tomorrow! I'm so so excited
6:06 PM We are staying at a hotel sunday night and the bathroom has heated floors! Yippee
 Jacob: cool
 me: This weather you need it haha
6:07 PM Jacob: its cold here too
6:08 PM me: I will have Taylor to snuggle with tomorrow night!
 Jacob: haha
6:10 PM no men for u?
6:11 PM me: I'm taking a break I don't make great decisions haha
 Jacob: good ides
 me: ?

weird...what did he mean good idea...that is kind of RUDE

6:12 PM Jacob: to take a break i was agreeing
 me: I've taken long breaks in between boys

and here is where we get defensive towards each other
6:13 PM Jacob: not between us and yr ex finance
 me: You didn't either
6:14 PM Jacob: yes i been with my fiance since jan 2010
  we broke up oct 2008

Okay I get it this is where we should STOP talking...but I'm a sucker

 me: Well it was the same for me
  Time frame

In the sense that I was "engaged" in Feb 2010
 Jacob: u got engaged 1 month later
6:15 PM me: The time bw relationships was the samew
 Jacob: gotcha
6:16 PM me: So I did spend lots of time
  The same as you

As in we essentially spent the same amount of time "single"...
I just rushed pretty fast into my engagment/marriage
(he obviously doesn't know about the marriage part because really none of his business and most people don't know)
My family and everyone else things we were only engaged (this was planned and will be explained later).

6:18 PM Jacob: k
 me: K

So now I'm going to try and change the subject fast because I'm NOT liking the way it is going!

6:19 PM So do u have anything planned for toastmaster things
  Ie in case you have to speak
6:24 PM Jacob: no i can wing something if they want me to i guess
 me: Just a thought so you don't get surprised
6:26 PM Jacob: ok going to my meeting have fun with Taylor
 me: Thanks good luck at your meeting

Wow this conversation was weird.
The conversation is not as fun as sometimes they are.
It was almost like we were arguing.
And really why does it all matter? shouldn't matter.
Why am I still talking to him?
So annoyed at myself.
To be continued...

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