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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter X-13: We Might As Well Be Strangers (part 2)

Since part of this is "real time".  It will get confusing so for all intents and purposes...I will put date-ish at the top of posts and label current ones as Chapter "X" until they get an actual number and I can rename them.

So today if you recall is the day PH and I were going to touch base.

Oops thats right he has a colour.

REAL Wednesday December 15th, 2010

So he texted.
Thats right ladies and gentlemen the big strong courageous jerkface didn't even call he texted.
For those of you who thought it didn't get much lower than ending a marriage via a phone call does.

So we are currently in arrangements to get all my things back because (as it will get eventually covered).
I moved all my things from Asia to his state.
I have been trying to arrange for the last month to get my things back.
On Monday he said he would be able to afford shipping things back in 50lb increments.
My parents are actually going to be on vacation in his state (about 2 hours away). 
So both they and I want to get my things back as soon as possible.
Here is how our "conversation" went via text this morning.

PH: "Hey, did you get dates when your parents are coming down" (Me: partially confused because I already gave him days).
Me: "How about the 28th at noon?  They actually aren't there for very long...or you could do the drop off on the 27th."
PH: "I will not be here, but that does not have to stop anything...Samantha could be here I guess?  What do you think.  I will be in another state from 27th-6th of Jan..."
Me: "Sure just please have everything ready and like by the door.  They kind of want to come load up and leave and they don't want to be walking around your place...finding stuff etc."
PH:  "Okay I will let you know...Give me until today..."
Me: "No problem."

It is so weird.
It really makes no sense at all.
At least things are moving in some kind of direction.
Like I said before we may as well be strangers at this point.

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