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Friday, December 3, 2010

Eva Tonight

So the main thing that keeps me going is my girls.
They are dragging me through this mess whether I want them to or not haha.
A key person in my life is Eva.
This is a girl who can do it all and then some. 
I'm pretty sure she has her weekends booked out months in advance between her work/family/friends etc.
Eva has never been one to keep things simple.
She has a billion things on the go.
In the next 6 months she is getting married, trying to buy a house, basically expanding her company and likely getting pregnant.
She is going to be an AMAZING mother.

I met Eva during my Freshman year at University.
She was on living on my floor and I didn't really know her until someone said ...hey someone else on our floor is also on the Varsity Cheerleading team.
That is how I met her and we bonded over the fact that there was about 10 girls that made this squad out of 200 who tried out.
We also bonded because we both had psycho roomates.
Mine had pink hair and enjoyed boys companies while I was in the teeny tiny room.
Eva's roomate was still on opposite schedules (ie. other side of the world) and would have multiple friends in her room at all hours of the night talking away in another language.  (NOT that a different language is bad...because really at that time of the morning (ie. 3am) ANY language is annoying when your are carrying 35+hours/week.)
This wasn't your average undergraduate degree it was super hard.
So eventually we were able to move off our floor and in as roomates together (super awesome).

I taught her how to wear thong reasoning...

"Well Eva your underwear is going to go up your butt anyway there may as well be less fabric"

I may have changed her life with that statement hahaha.  (Eva and I also share a unique bum shape...if you were a booty man you would be all about us two!)  We share so many things the same...she and I are both probably the pickiest eaters of the girls.  But she is inspirational to me...I want to be like her very much.

When we were planning our weddings (well when I was still planning mine) was so funny how SIMILAR they were turning out to be...not on purpose but we just love the same things.  Like using the colour fuscia as an accent and many more things. 

I love Eva...she made a much better person through my undergraduate years and taught me so much.  So tonight as always she is lending me her shoulder to cry on.  And if it stops snowing here I will be on my way up to visit her for the night.  Which is so good for me.

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