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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frivalous materialistic planning too far in advance aka trying to distract myself from the depressing thoughts that are my life!

So for a long time I wanted a super girly bathroom...the thing is do I want it so super girly that it is pink!  Or super girly that I do it in Tiffany Blue...which keeps it more gender neutral (sort of).  The ONE thing I have definitely picked out is a hotel style waffle weave shower curtain.  And I know I would like to hang a chandelier if there is room.  So here goes some of my inspiration.  Now just to pick pink or tiffany blue?

In white of course to keep it light and bright!

I will definitely keep on distracting myself just to keep from totally falling apart.  It used to be I was so sad about being apart from PH that I completely planned every single teeny tiny detail of our wedding.  Now that has all been ripped away.  I can't even begin to think how to undo all of that planning.  At least this planning is dependant on no one.  I'm the only one that sticks around after all. 

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