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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Day 3

Believe it or not it is getting a ton better.
I think the mayor was a little forward in recommending yesterday that the public stay home and cancelled all public transport. 
At least the kiddies have gotten three snowdays in a row from school (though I'm not sure parents are super excited about that).
Here are some pics I snapped outside my place and out this morning before work.
Out the garage looking at the neighbours.

From the deck looking into the neighbour's yard.

On the deck again...the snow is past my waist straight in front and taller than me at the immediate left from the roof snowfall.  Those two lumpy things in the bottom right are the patio chairs.

Better view of how high the snow is on the left where there is no roof over the patio.  You can clearly see the snow on the uncovered part of the patio is as high as the barbeque on the right.

This morning called for drive through coffee.  Check out the snow on top of this truck and he had been driving pretty fast down the road.  I will also mention he got stuck in the drive through.
Snow day 3 and I'm at work...oh well.

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  1. Holy cow the snow on that truck is CRAZY! And that is hilarious that he got stuck in the drive through!

    I can't WAIT to try my first Tim Hortons!!!!