Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Oscar's Party

So on Sunday night I hosted an Oscar's party at my place.
I have a theatre room in my condo so that was used for the viewing.
But before hand I had everyone up to my place for drinks and snacks.

We had our very own red carpet.

And this fun background to take pictures against.

I had 4 different types of popcorn.

TONS of Champagne (and non-alcoholic sparkling beverages).

I even Oscar-fied the bottled water.

We used this as a 50/50 fundraiser.
We had Oscar ballots and the winner got half of the pool.
The other half was donated to charity.

I made swag bags for all the girls.
With these fun tags.

Here's what was inside.

All in all I think this was a great success!
I hope to make it an annual event for sure :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pic from here

I know it's been a few days...
And I need to do a post on the small Oscar party I hosted.
And I had a crazy stressful day today.

Without getting into it too much I essentially had a review today.
By the people who are in charge of what allows me to do my job.
Always stressful.
BUT I passed it with flying colours to say the least.

AND then I've been trying to track down an ITEM.
I can't tell you what this ITEM is because I wanted to get it for Taylor.
So I've been tracking it for 4 weeks.

From the first time I saw it online.
I LOVED it and felt like it would be perfect for a certain occasion (that I also CANNOT talk about because Taylor reads this and I don't want to give away too many hints haha).

So needless to say the first two times I tried to get the ITEM.
They hadn't come in.
Then I stalked it because then I REALLY wanted it.
And none of the stores seemed to get them in.

So that lead me to a different location who said that this ITEM would only be at certain more elite stores rather than this smaller store.
So today I met up with Val for dinner to celebrate my passing of the very stressful review.
And since I was way downtown I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for check out the more elite store and get the ITEM.

So I GPS it tonight and drove there found some crazy parking spot and...
there in the glowing light of downtown open late stores ...
I see one in the display at the front and practically sprint in...
VICTORY I practically shouted!...anddddddddddd they had sold out.
In fact when the ITEM was brought out onto the store floor last Tuesday it sold out in 4 EVERY SIZE.

I was totally bummed.

Because this is so perfect for this one thing and I thought for Taylor (and obviously I love it so much I wanted to get the ITEM for myself...and how great is it that Tay does not care about stuff like that.  We have a handful of same items and she doesn't care).

Anywho I was so bummed because I've loved the ITEM for a month.
And it is on one of the front websites of the store.
The girl at the elite store told me ...yea I think it was because it was featured so much she was stunned and couldn't believe it when it FLEW off the shelves.
And I was super bummed because when I love something ...clearly I love it for keeps.

So on a whim as I drove home I called the small store 
(that I originally had gone to in the beginning who had told me to try the elite store) 
and asked if by any teensy chance they had gotten it in.
She said they JUST got a small shipment in that afternoon.

I practically screamed at the poor salesperson on the other end to HOLD ALL OF THEM I'M COMING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I drove as quickly as possible to that location across the city.

And as I contemplated sizes I was SOOOO happy.
It's very trendy/in style right now.
I snagged the last ones in our sizes.
And watched while the next 6 people in the store zeroed in on the same ITEM.

Now the ITEM had a counter part that wasn't out on the floor yet.
The salesgirl even told me that she may have the counter part item in the back but it wasn't supposed to come to the floor yet.
So I told her about my bestie Taylor.
Seriously y'all I yapped her ear off about WHY this ITEM was perfect and WHY I was afraid it would be impossible to get because of what had happened before.
And y'all she went to the back and pulled these counter part items for me and let me get them.

Well hopefully I haven't hyped it up way WAY too much.
And after all that hopefully Tay likes them. 
If not it at least made me feel like I had success hunting it down.
After all it's the thought that counts right?!
Score me!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Friday

I had the CRAZIEST busiest Friday ever.
It began at 4:30AM.  I had to be somewhere for work for a 6AM meeting (fun times right?!)
AND it totally didn't help that I had a dream that my condo was haunted (and it was totally scary you I woke up at 1am all stressed out!)
This may just be a very rambly post by the way (especially if this first paragraph is any indication).

So then I headed to my office from 8AM until 1PM where I had to turn around and drive back to original 6AM place for meetings at 2PM and 3PM.
It was nuts and crazy busy with that.
Then I had made plans weeks ago with Eva.

So I headed to her workplace.
She was doing me a favour in terms of what she does 
(I know I'm being so vague and I apologize for that).
It was so so SO great to see her.
I've missed her so much.
It totally kills me that she lives the closest to me but I probably see her the least often.

We then headed for dinner at a Japenese Thai place called Spoon and Fork.

It was so so pretty inside!

It was the PERFECT decor and totally suited Eva and my's tastes.
(When we were planning weddings at the same time we had picked things so completely similar it was hilarious!)

We decided to to their all you can eat menu (which is tapas style~smaller portions to share).
We started with curry pumpkin soup, edamame, and springrolls.
Then we had cashew chicken, then japanese fried rice, then a tempura roll and finally teriyaki chicken.
We were stuffed and it was great to catch up with Eva I've really missed her.

So we OBVIOUSLY talked about MrDentist.
And here is Eva's take on the situation.
This has in a way happened with Spencer, MM and now MrDentist.
She thinks I should write him and email and ask him what I did wrong so that I can work on it.
Ummm yes that was a tough pill to swallow.

I thought about it and I told her I don't think I could do that.
She said "but don't you want to know so that you can change that about yourself so that this stops happening?" and I guess she is right y'all
But I just don't think I'm ready to take that huge of a hit to my ego right now or what if it is something that is so ingrained in myself that I can't change it?!
(OBVIOUSLY it is going to be something negative and that scares me a ton...I already am a little hard on myself) I just don't think this is an option at all.

So then we actually planned on her joining us (Quinn and I) next Friday when we have plans.
Notice I have NO problem including her on a pre-planned friend event...just saying.
(Remember here if you need a reminder of why I just made a really passive aggressive comment).
I'm glad I will get to see her next week as well and I've come to the conclusion I think her husband just doesn't really care for me and that is okay.


So THEN I rushed home to change for my next thing.
(I seriously don't know how I kept going for so long given my early start in the morning).
I was heading out for a night with Laurel and the CanadaCrew (from this post).
It had changed a bit so for the night it actually ended up being Laurel, her fiance, and 4 other boys (I call everyone male boys FYI)...let's see they will get the following names...B was there, B's brother, Mouth (because he TOTALLY reminds me of Mouth from One Tree Hill!!!! He seriously looks SO SO SO much like him and think I kept staring), and Kermit (sorry he was wearing a green shirt and that's all I could come up with).

So we headed onto the subway then a streetcar to get to our destination planned for the night.
A bar called Spin.
It is actually co-owned by Susan Serandon (this IS a totally rambly post haha).
It is a ping pong bar!

From an article in Toronto life...
If you thought table tennis was a nerdy game best restricted to basements and community centres, Spin’s creators, Franck Raharinosy, Andrew Gordon, Jonathan Bricklin, Toronto partner Ryan Fisher and, ahem, Academy Award–winning actress Susan Sarandon would like to change your mind. The 12,000-square-foot space was designed by Emil Teleki and Jessica Nakanishi in collaboration with Todd Oldham in New York, and it has 12 ping pong tables, a lounge and a private party room. The two bars serve a variety of beers, wines and cocktails, including the Stamos ($14), with Bacardi Gold, Amaro Montenegro, house-made tobacco tincture and maraschino. The food focuses on sharing plates, like devilled eggs ($5), a mixed taco plate ($24) and barbecue popcorn ($3). There are also sundaes ($7) in flavours like Guinness, sweet potato or cheddar, which are served with whipped cream and candied fruit. Of course, ping pong this high-class doesn’t come cheap: annual memberships can be purchased at individual ($500) or family ($750) rates; non-members can enjoy an hour of play for $20–$28 depending on the time of day.

Very clever employee shirt!

So we geared up and started to play and y'all I SUCK at ping pong.
B braved up and agreed to be my partner even with all my suckiness.
I also assume the alcoholic beverages didn't help the hand eye coordination.
Laurel had been exhausted all night so she stayed for about an hour before bailing and heading home in a taxi.

Which left me and the five boys.

And you know what???? I secretly LOVED that.
It totally reminded me of my graduate school years in Dallas.

I have to be real with y'all I kind of like being the girly girl among the boys.

It's kind of nice to have a little attention.
And be a little silly.
I actually really needed a night like this.
It was a great distraction.

So we played ping pong for about two hours before heading to a nearby pub.
And we started the 6 of us sitting around a table ordering drinks.
And Mouth and Kermit were super intent on starting the dance floor in this pub.
I thought they weren't serious.

Ummm yeah they totally were.
After talking to the DJ (Weird I know DJ in a pub) and had him switch from more Sweet Caroline and pub-ey type music to something you could dance to we started the dance floor.
And y'all we did NOT stop until we shut that bar down!!!
It was me and the boys dancing up a storm...laughing our butts off and having the BEST time.

It was fun to be a little flirty.
Dance around with the boys (you know we totally fist pumped starting from the floor and all the way up into the air).
At the end they were all like thanks for hanging out with us and dealing with the boys.
And I was like no thank YOU because I had the BEST time ever.

There was definitely a little bit of flirting of Mouth, Kermit and B with me.
B's brother is engaged and super fun too.  
Laurel's fiance is fun, really sweet and a little dorky 
(he totally was wearing an awesome t-shirt cardigan option).
I think* Mouth is engaged and living with his fiancee (but I'm unsure).
I'm pretty sure Kermit is single.
And B is single because at the end of the night he asked for my number.

And I gave it to him but y'all it was sort of awkward at the end of the night.
I thought we were leaving and only he followed me to the table where he nervously said he had been having fun getting to know me and wanted to know if he could get my number...of course me in my dorky nervousness (AND I could feel the 4 other set's of eyes burning a hole in the back of my head!) said "sure no problem" and I gave my number to him.

But y'all I'm kind of mad because I had so SO SO much fun at a boys night.

I want to be included in these boys' nights.
And I don't want to create drama etc.
So I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed with all this.
I'm hesitant to make B into MrGraphicDesigner.

So yea.
I am missing the next CanadaCrew event because I'm hanging with Quinn and Eva.
So I have a little break from them.
I don't know what to do about B and how to go about things.
He is very sweet and very nice...but I'm still a little ummm hung up on something that was all spark and chemistry.
What will happen?
Guess we will have to see.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How I get rid of my frustrations...

I have been C25King it up (Couch to 5K).
So I simply load up some new songs on my iPod.
And hit the gym.

So I guess a little bit about me.
I really love and identify and THRIVE with music.
There are times I can just listen to a song on repeat a bajillion times.

I love double entredres (not sure how to spell) by the way.

Which is why I love JayZ and Drake. 
Anywho music gives me balance and sometimes I just need to dance around my place in my fav rock out outfit which includes...knee high socks and shorts and a headband and hairbrush in hand BELTING a song out(because clearly I cannot do THAT on a treadmill.) day if I feel brave enough I will post a pic of this because I look RIDICULOUS!

Here are my latest favs...
With some of my favourite lines and what they make me think of...

First up The Wanted (I'm glad you came)...

My fav part 
you cast a spell on me, spell on me
you hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let's go somewhere no one else can see, you and me

Even if this song is rather repetitive and simplistic I like it. 
I still like the song even if it does make me think of MrDentist (
I KNOW could I be any more super duper annoying about him right now?! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!)

SO to act as a way to take back that song...Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)

My fav lines 
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone"

I also so in love with this song by Down with Webster (Royalty)...

My fav lines...ok I just realized it's half the song...whatever I'm totally into it.

Addicted to the lights and sounds
Want your bad habits and you wear 'em like a crown...

This is all about "that" crowd Missy/Colleagues/MrDentist/Playmate obviously

So driven she don't need chauffeurs 
And if you're not VIP then give up
to think she's above the bar that's a chin up
and getting lit up's the only thing that's relevant 
when all that's in your closet is designer or a skeleton...

(Clearly "that" crowd again)

Life of the party don't question her loyalty
Playin all night games
Every day's the same
Pull out the red carpet for the walk of shame
Nothin' to loose but a lot to gain *ESPECIALLY this line...seriously WTF
Same yeah you know her name royalty let her reign

You gotta give your blood 
you learn it on the streets
now baby it's your nature
now every body's gotta eat
you're better off alone *umm hello me.
you're better off than me
But everytime I'm gone I'm everything you need *always want what you can't have...this is so me right now
You got it on your face *yea I can't hide a thing
it's painted on the walls
you're looking for a problem but you can have them all
you said it all before
you fast for the feast
at least I care when you can care least (this makes me so so annoyed with myself!)

I love this song because it is so darn cute.
Canadian by the way -Carly Rae Jepson...and from my FAV gossip blog Lainey's she wrote this "Canadian Idol’s Carly Rae Jepsen was just signed to Justin Bieber’s label. It’s a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when Justin, his gf, and all their friends pretty much make your video. Please."  

This is totally a home video include Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Carly (herself) and probably a ton more of people that I'm not sure of exactly who they are... How FUN is this?!?!?!  This is TOTALLY the dorky type of stuff I did growing up with my girlfriends.  I love that they did this!

My fav line is actually the chorus
hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number, 
so call me, maybe?

And finally I'm loving this song by Train (Drive By)

And I love this lyric/verse 
"Oh but that one night was more than just right *I obviously think of THIS night
I didn't leave you cause I was all through
Oh I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell
Because I really fell for you"  *what I obviously want to be the case of MrDentist and I but I KNOW this is not the reality...reality is he's just not that into me and that is that.

So let's pretend for a moment that I'm not liking these songs because they all make me reflect on things going on (or rather not going on when it comes to MrDentist) in my life...CLEARLY I need to move on because this boy and his negative crowd is taking up entirely way too much of my head space.
My apologies for this weird post.
I'm giving you a glimpse of what a dorky strange girl I am.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hope y'all weren't holding your breath...

No response.
Super duper annoyed.
PS how rude is that?
PPS well I guess it has only been about 24 hours I could be a little more patient...however my patience is pretty much a thin as it's going to get.

Pic from here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Voice Mail

"Hiiiii-iiiiiiiiiiiiii it's Teagan
Um haven't talked to you in a little bit
Wanted to know if you wanted to get together soon
Talk to you later

At least I don't have the privilege of hearing THAT back myself.
Ugh I hate voice mail.
And I think I sound about 11 years old.
Well it's done so whatever.
Now to pretend I'm not stressing it.
Or over analyze what I should have said instead.

Pic from here

Monday night with the girls

So I told y'all I had last night I had dinner scheduled with Missy again (from this post).
Anywho I debated over what to wear to sushi.
Then figured it would be a low key girls night.
So I decided on this.
Using the boots again.

Showing you my accessories...and no I don't mean my cleavage haha.

I headed to her condo (which I found out my colleague pays for incidentally).
It was so pretty and right smack downtown.
I even felt myself get a little emerald eyed.
And as she finished getting ready we were chatting and it was kind of nice doing the girly thing.
And y'all I'm really struggling because I'm girly and not quite feeling like I fit in sometimes with my Waterloo girls though I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

She then let me know that the Playmate would be joining us.
Yes that one from this night.
To which I replied the more the merrier (heck why not).

Side note:  ever feel like the fat kid?  
I totally did these girls MAYBE 
weight 100lbs a piece and I'm super curvy.  
So umm yea there was this total awkward moment
 when I'm like...they are looking at me
 like I'm this dumpy average girl...
total side note ignore me.
However, I do note I've been
pretty tough on myself when it comes
to my body lately.
Weird I just noticed this...
I hope this isn't going to become
a trend and I hope this hasn't 
been too annoying...has anyone elsee
noticed this???
Feel free to ignore this side note ramble!

So the Playmate picked us up in her boyfriends car (does anyone actually pay for anything themselves?!).
It was super exciting to hear that the Playmate had just scored the lead in a hot new music video shooting this week!
What a fab fun lifestyle...seriously.

We got in and after realizing the place we were going to for sushi was closed for Family Day (our holiday yesterday).
We headed to the Thompson hotel for sushi.
Yes THAT Thompson hotel.
The one that practically screams MrDentist and if I was a gambling women I bet he stayed there this weekend.

So we got to work ordering sushi and got right into some big conversations about boys.
And I told them a little bit more about MrDentist about sort of the progression of things and then how he fell off the face of this earth.

And Missy filled me in on some things.
Here are her "facts":
1. He really like me he talked to her about me for an hour before Vegas.
2.  In Vegas he talked about me...a lot.
3. He told my colleague he thinks I'm "the one".  (Is your heart beating way fast???) I think I threw my hand up at that comment.
(Yeah well someone else (well both Spencer and Jacob) once told me that and you see how THAT worked out).
4.  All the women he has most recently dated are 5-8 years older than him...making them in their early 40s.  The reason this is important is apparently they are the "pursuers" unlike me who is very VERY clearly a "persue-e" 
5.  He did tell the guys he was falling for me.
6. BUT he said he didn't want to because he wanted to get his life more together first* 
(Ok this does NOT make sense to me...does it make sense to anyone else?!)

So the Playmates perspective....she said either.
* He does really like me and he's scared 
(The Rules CLEARLY disagree with this).
* He is a big time player and these are all the lines he uses 

(The Rules would TOTALLY agree with this one).
I clearly bought and devoured The Rules (a dating book) this weekend...just saying.

So after much debate and discussion.
It was determined I should call him today.
And leave a breezy message along the lines of "Hi you, haven't seen you in awhile, we should do something"...I say leave a message because I fully anticipate getting his voice mail.
Which is not to say that I have decided to call because dear blog readers.
I want YOUR advice.
I suppose a call couldn't hurt or make me feel that much more embarrassed.
But what do you think????

We also had a big discussion about Missy and my colleague.
She was trying to decide to move on or stay put.
It was really interesting because clearly something is working for her.
Maybe it is the university tuition, condo and 30K new car budget he has given her (she is super mad at the 30K budget by the way)...I think the Playmate and I's eyes nearly fell out of our heads at that one.
And we both sort of said you know the grass is always greener on the other side.
I think I was just FLOORED that this actually happens in real life.
And I learned some other things that BLEW my mind but not really my place to share (I may have over shared already and am half debating removing this paragraph).

Overall, dinner was good.
I had fun and the three of us planned to go to the movies on Wednesday.
Then the bill came.
And since Missy picked it up for our dinner I felt it was only fair to return the favour.
When the bill did come she grabbed it.
And I said "no no I got this one".
And she was actually just CHECKING it then she commented "you got off easy our dinner was $300 last week".  And THAT rubbed me the completely wrong way.
Now that I think about it I SHOULD have said...would you like the $100 to cover the difference?!
But I didn't I just laughed it off.
But I think that is super rude.
AND I do have to say I ordered one glass of wine, edamame (we split) and two rolls (one veggie $5 and one more fancy $15). The playmate ordered one main and one glass of house wine.  Missy ordered three Martini's, a roll and a main.

So needless to say the next dinner I'm going to let them know I'm on a budget (umm because no one pays my rent etc...only I TOTALLY won't say that haha).  And say I'm more comfortable splitting the cheques individually.  
And if they don't like that.
Well then,  I guess they just aren't that into me.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Saturday Night Distraction

So I told y'all I forced myself out on Saturday night.
But not without frantically messaging Taylor on what to wear.
After negating this outfit.

For some reason I thought the jean skirt was drawing attention to the widest part of me (obvs my hips and butt) so that was that.
Then this one.
Same outfit minus the jean skirt.  But then I thought I looked even worse.  Maybe it was how I was standing...but you can definitely see my curvy hips from here...maybe I needed to add a belt to emphasize my waist now that I'm looking at it a day or two later.
Then this one.
I know this looks remarkably similar to above but it's a different blank tunic/dress thing with a wider but not as deep V neck.

I felt like I was totally running out of time AND was way over thinking it.

And when I thought about this crowd I figured I looked like I was trying too hard.
So I swapped out for jeans and flats.

Jeans, black v-neck sweater (different than all the above ones I swear haha apparently I keep things very similar and basic).  And my new flats that I love.
I got these pretties in Ottawa when we stopped by Joe Fresh to get me some winter boots and thermal underwear (read here)...and I obviously could NOT resist them.  They were on sale for $4.97 seriously what an amazing score.  AND since I'm currently OBSESSED with bows they were perfect!.  
We headed out to glow in the dark mini putt.
Fun right?!
I can't remember the last time I did something like this.
There was a lot of high schoolers there too haha.

It was Laurel her fiance, another couple, another single girl, myself and two boys.
We had to split into two groups of four for minigolf.
I got the FIRST hole in one and ended up tying with the other boy in our group...
let's call him B.
B and I tied for winning out of our little group.
Who knew I had some mini putt skills?!

Then we headed on over to Dave&Busters to continue the gaming fun.
B and I ended up splitting a game card thing to get more plays in.
Which also meant we would be hanging out the rest of the night.  
And it made sense because everyone sort of coupled off so we did as well.
I totally schooled him at tons of games.

I'm pretty skilled at this game too...just saying.

And I did find myself sort of trying out the flirting muscles a little.
Like a tentative warm up after an injury.
He's sweet and nice and we had fun.
But y'all don't get too excited...he will make a great friend I think.

We had some quick chats, a few more games and before I knew it it was midnight and Laurel and her fiance were ready to call it a night (and they had driven me there).
So we headed on home.
And I tried to not think about MrDentist or the fact that I haven't heard a peep 
from him since here.
But good new I'm getting back out there.
I'm trying to have some fun.
So this crew needs a new name too because we are doing something again this coming Friday.
Hmmmm how about the CanadaCrew.  
I think this fits because they really remind me of very typical Canadians (I mean that in a totally good unpretentious and just up for a good drama free time).
Hope y'all are having a good weekend too.

Pics from here here here

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Why the heck am I wondering what MrDentist is doing tonight?!
Why am I contemplating texting him.
Then start to wonder if I should text him tomorrow.
Don't worry I won't.
Just letting you know what's going on in my head.

Getting ready aka unhermitting

Y'all so I haven't heard a peep out of MrDentist (I know no one is actually surprized).
So I straightened up my place and I'm about to get started getting ready.
Taking my time, sipping a cocktail and listening to Taylor and my's mix tape.

Something low key and kind of silly on the table for tonight.
I'm going to Dave & Buster's with Laurel and her fiance (from this night months ago!) and their friends.
We've got drinks and glow in the dark mini golf on the agenda.

Maybe not as "cool" as the Thompson hotel or bottle service at the hottest club or even a fancy shmancy dinner.
But these are good people.
And I think I need to take a step back from the shallow world of mistresses/talking big/showing off.
Even if I kind of like to visit that world sometimes.

At least I'm getting out of the house.
And I'm not hermitting it up.
Which has happened in the past.
So I'm proud of myself for taking this step.
Just thought I would let y'all know.

Things I tried not to notice or think about yesterday

1. That MrDentist didn't communicate at all yesterday.
That I need to sort of dust myself off and force myself to forget about all of that.
That I didn't seriously think of everything over and over again (as I mentioned in this post).
I mean why do all those things/say all those things/then basically go MIA.
I am so tangential right now (and I think I'm using tangential wrong in the sentence by the way).
So sick of boys going MIA...hmmm though sometimes I go MIA when I don't know how to reject someone ie. MrFinance (as mentioned here and here).
Note to self STOP doing that because it's mean.

2. It would have been my pseudo two year wedding anniversary yesterday.  Scary.  Which just made me feel ill actually.  And makes me think I should throw out the Burberry Trench fund straight into the hire a Dlawyer/private investigator to get this ball rolling.  But then I try not to think of it because the financial commitment is just way too burdening and I think in the back of my head the emotional thing probably would get to me a little.

3. Why oh WHY did I open up to MrDentist about Spencer.  Now I feel more humiliated and embarrassed about my past.  Note to opening up anymore early on.

Well that's actually it but they were seemed like some pretty big things yesterday that I was trying to ignore...but wasn't actually very successful.
Total pink elephant in the room.
Does anyone else use that  expression or did I make it up?

I know there is an expression of an elephant in the room (which is impossible to ignore).
I always use the example, if someone told you "do NOT to think of a pink elephant" ...
isn't it kind of funny that THAT is all you can think about??? No?
I'm guess I'm strange and just a little rambly this morning.

Pic from here

Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday night dinner with the Missy

Y'all so on Monday night (I know so SO behind!)
I had dinner with the Missy (aka my colleagues mistress...the one from this crazy evening).
She had suggested one of her new favourite places called The Shore Club.

I tried to make a new outfit from old clothes and I think I succeeded.
Plus I wanted to wear these boots more.
They are from Nordstrom's 
(from Northpark in Dallas where I had so many fun shopping trips with Tay).

Sound fancy dancy and expensive right?
It was.
You know how I think sometimes a restaurant is nice?
When they give you a pretty bag for your leftovers.

So I walked in and y'all it was super pretty.
I thought it was a fab restaurant.
And to be honest I sort of was trying to find out a little more about MrDentist because she attended the boys Vegas trip (yes I know that seems so strange).

AND I have to admit I was slightly hesitant because of how the bill situation happened that crazy evening.
I got even more worried when we ordered Kir Royale's and oysters and beef carpacchio to start.
And when she ordered the steak and lobster and a second cocktail I got a tad bit nervous and started doing the mental tallying.
I order the halibut and asparagus (you saw my leftovers in this fun fab post

We had some really good talks.
And I found it a lot of fun (and a great way to spend a Monday night!)
I learned more about her and tried not to be such an open book myself 
(I usually am SUCH an open book and sometimes when you don't know someones exact motive for having you out for dinner it may not be such a great idea.  Like sometimes I feel like I should just keep my mouth shut!  But instead I usually open up so fast (which sometimes can not be such a great idea).

So anyway she told me that MrDentist really likes me but...
he apparently told her he was trying NOT to fall for me.
Ummmmm why???
Anyway she gave me the advice to date other people.
So by the end of dinner I was also thoroughly confused.

Then the tab came and guess what?!
She picked it up!
I said we should at least split it.
She said it was to make up for that crazy night.
So I offered to get dinner the next time (I am all about being fair for that stuff).

And y'all I just don't know.
I know from the conversation that she doesn't like her "situation".
Nor does she expect her situation to change.
And parts of me really feel bad for her.
And parts of me are super weary of such a social climber.
But I need to continue to explore and grow more friendships here in the city.
So I'm treading cautiously.

Anyway on our way out of the restaurant.
A group of 4 business men stopped us to compliment our boots (awesome!)
And it's great because Missy is just cool enough to throw sort of the bitch vibe out without guys getting offended.
I mainly stood there and smiled and giggled.
Before we wished them a good evening and properly strutted away.

Pics from here