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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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I know it's been a few days...
And I need to do a post on the small Oscar party I hosted.
And I had a crazy stressful day today.

Without getting into it too much I essentially had a review today.
By the people who are in charge of what allows me to do my job.
Always stressful.
BUT I passed it with flying colours to say the least.

AND then I've been trying to track down an ITEM.
I can't tell you what this ITEM is because I wanted to get it for Taylor.
So I've been tracking it for 4 weeks.

From the first time I saw it online.
I LOVED it and felt like it would be perfect for a certain occasion (that I also CANNOT talk about because Taylor reads this and I don't want to give away too many hints haha).

So needless to say the first two times I tried to get the ITEM.
They hadn't come in.
Then I stalked it because then I REALLY wanted it.
And none of the stores seemed to get them in.

So that lead me to a different location who said that this ITEM would only be at certain more elite stores rather than this smaller store.
So today I met up with Val for dinner to celebrate my passing of the very stressful review.
And since I was way downtown I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for check out the more elite store and get the ITEM.

So I GPS it tonight and drove there found some crazy parking spot and...
there in the glowing light of downtown open late stores ...
I see one in the display at the front and practically sprint in...
VICTORY I practically shouted!...anddddddddddd they had sold out.
In fact when the ITEM was brought out onto the store floor last Tuesday it sold out in 4 EVERY SIZE.

I was totally bummed.

Because this is so perfect for this one thing and I thought for Taylor (and obviously I love it so much I wanted to get the ITEM for myself...and how great is it that Tay does not care about stuff like that.  We have a handful of same items and she doesn't care).

Anywho I was so bummed because I've loved the ITEM for a month.
And it is on one of the front websites of the store.
The girl at the elite store told me ...yea I think it was because it was featured so much she was stunned and couldn't believe it when it FLEW off the shelves.
And I was super bummed because when I love something ...clearly I love it for keeps.

So on a whim as I drove home I called the small store 
(that I originally had gone to in the beginning who had told me to try the elite store) 
and asked if by any teensy chance they had gotten it in.
She said they JUST got a small shipment in that afternoon.

I practically screamed at the poor salesperson on the other end to HOLD ALL OF THEM I'M COMING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I drove as quickly as possible to that location across the city.

And as I contemplated sizes I was SOOOO happy.
It's very trendy/in style right now.
I snagged the last ones in our sizes.
And watched while the next 6 people in the store zeroed in on the same ITEM.

Now the ITEM had a counter part that wasn't out on the floor yet.
The salesgirl even told me that she may have the counter part item in the back but it wasn't supposed to come to the floor yet.
So I told her about my bestie Taylor.
Seriously y'all I yapped her ear off about WHY this ITEM was perfect and WHY I was afraid it would be impossible to get because of what had happened before.
And y'all she went to the back and pulled these counter part items for me and let me get them.

Well hopefully I haven't hyped it up way WAY too much.
And after all that hopefully Tay likes them. 
If not it at least made me feel like I had success hunting it down.
After all it's the thought that counts right?!
Score me!


  1. Awwww, this is SO sweet. I love finding that PERFECT item for someone, even better, a bestie. I'm sure she's going to LOVE it, and now I can't wait to see it!

  2. SO I'm TOTALLY clueless at what it could be, and SO excited to get it!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I cannot WAIT to see what it is!

  4. @PSD- cannot wait to share :)

    @Tay- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited to send it...with only a little worry that you may not like it haha (I'm too much of a worry wort!)

    @A- cannot wait to share!!!! I'm dying to give a hint but I'm afraid it will be to obvious haha.

  5. I hope once Taylor gets whatever it is you BOTH show pictures!!

  6. @Flmgodog- yes I think we can arrange that :)