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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Saturday Night Distraction

So I told y'all I forced myself out on Saturday night.
But not without frantically messaging Taylor on what to wear.
After negating this outfit.

For some reason I thought the jean skirt was drawing attention to the widest part of me (obvs my hips and butt) so that was that.
Then this one.
Same outfit minus the jean skirt.  But then I thought I looked even worse.  Maybe it was how I was standing...but you can definitely see my curvy hips from here...maybe I needed to add a belt to emphasize my waist now that I'm looking at it a day or two later.
Then this one.
I know this looks remarkably similar to above but it's a different blank tunic/dress thing with a wider but not as deep V neck.

I felt like I was totally running out of time AND was way over thinking it.

And when I thought about this crowd I figured I looked like I was trying too hard.
So I swapped out for jeans and flats.

Jeans, black v-neck sweater (different than all the above ones I swear haha apparently I keep things very similar and basic).  And my new flats that I love.
I got these pretties in Ottawa when we stopped by Joe Fresh to get me some winter boots and thermal underwear (read here)...and I obviously could NOT resist them.  They were on sale for $4.97 seriously what an amazing score.  AND since I'm currently OBSESSED with bows they were perfect!.  
We headed out to glow in the dark mini putt.
Fun right?!
I can't remember the last time I did something like this.
There was a lot of high schoolers there too haha.

It was Laurel her fiance, another couple, another single girl, myself and two boys.
We had to split into two groups of four for minigolf.
I got the FIRST hole in one and ended up tying with the other boy in our group...
let's call him B.
B and I tied for winning out of our little group.
Who knew I had some mini putt skills?!

Then we headed on over to Dave&Busters to continue the gaming fun.
B and I ended up splitting a game card thing to get more plays in.
Which also meant we would be hanging out the rest of the night.  
And it made sense because everyone sort of coupled off so we did as well.
I totally schooled him at tons of games.

I'm pretty skilled at this game too...just saying.

And I did find myself sort of trying out the flirting muscles a little.
Like a tentative warm up after an injury.
He's sweet and nice and we had fun.
But y'all don't get too excited...he will make a great friend I think.

We had some quick chats, a few more games and before I knew it it was midnight and Laurel and her fiance were ready to call it a night (and they had driven me there).
So we headed on home.
And I tried to not think about MrDentist or the fact that I haven't heard a peep 
from him since here.
But good new I'm getting back out there.
I'm trying to have some fun.
So this crew needs a new name too because we are doing something again this coming Friday.
Hmmmm how about the CanadaCrew.  
I think this fits because they really remind me of very typical Canadians (I mean that in a totally good unpretentious and just up for a good drama free time).
Hope y'all are having a good weekend too.

Pics from here here here

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