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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sicky McSickerson

If only I looked this fabulous when I was sick.

Hey y'all.
I'm just sitting at home on the couch being miserable.
I'm congested and my poor nose is raw from being blown so much.
It actually is kind of a blessing that MrDentist is in Vegas because I feel and look horrendous!

I was supposed to go out to Winterlicious tonight with Val.
I had to cancel because there is no way I would be good dinner company with my stuffy head, terrible cough and constant blowing of my nose.
She understood.
I'm a little bummed.

I wanted to have tons of adventures to tell MrDentist about (ie. see how COOL my life is and how amazing I am ...I barely have time to focus on the mega crush I have on you...)
Instead I'm going to be honest and tell him I came down with something.
(Mostly because I'm a terrible liar!)
Of course I am a little sad having not heard from him since Thursday evening but I'm trying to not stress that too much...especially that I now know :*=kiss (wahoo!!! thanks blogger friends).

So today I watched a bunch of terrible movies on Netflix.
I will have to vent one day on the AWFULNESS that is Netflix Canada.
Nothing near what Netflix in the USA is at all.
I also tried to narrow down which photos to put in my fabulous pink frames my bestie gave me when she came to visit.
IT is so hard with all the fun photos I have of us (that I completely forgot about).
So that's been kind of fun to look through.
We are due for some more updated ones though.

And I am also sitting here trying not to stress about Monday.
Oh boy.
The cool thing is I booked my brother and I hotel room in a fabulous hotel just one block from Carnegie Hall!
I hope I have a zillion pics to share with you if this trip goes off without a hitch!
It also happens to be a part of the Thompson Hotel group...which may just be one of my new favs.
I'm going to guess because I have such positive memories of it thus far ;)

Until then I will be a sniffling/sneezing/coughing ball of nerves.

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  1. Oh, goodness. Hope you're feeling better! Travel while sick = the worst.

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip! xoxox