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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting ready aka unhermitting

Y'all so I haven't heard a peep out of MrDentist (I know no one is actually surprized).
So I straightened up my place and I'm about to get started getting ready.
Taking my time, sipping a cocktail and listening to Taylor and my's mix tape.

Something low key and kind of silly on the table for tonight.
I'm going to Dave & Buster's with Laurel and her fiance (from this night months ago!) and their friends.
We've got drinks and glow in the dark mini golf on the agenda.

Maybe not as "cool" as the Thompson hotel or bottle service at the hottest club or even a fancy shmancy dinner.
But these are good people.
And I think I need to take a step back from the shallow world of mistresses/talking big/showing off.
Even if I kind of like to visit that world sometimes.

At least I'm getting out of the house.
And I'm not hermitting it up.
Which has happened in the past.
So I'm proud of myself for taking this step.
Just thought I would let y'all know.

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