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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things I tried not to notice or think about yesterday

1. That MrDentist didn't communicate at all yesterday.
That I need to sort of dust myself off and force myself to forget about all of that.
That I didn't seriously think of everything over and over again (as I mentioned in this post).
I mean why do all those things/say all those things/then basically go MIA.
I am so tangential right now (and I think I'm using tangential wrong in the sentence by the way).
So sick of boys going MIA...hmmm though sometimes I go MIA when I don't know how to reject someone ie. MrFinance (as mentioned here and here).
Note to self STOP doing that because it's mean.

2. It would have been my pseudo two year wedding anniversary yesterday.  Scary.  Which just made me feel ill actually.  And makes me think I should throw out the Burberry Trench fund straight into the hire a Dlawyer/private investigator to get this ball rolling.  But then I try not to think of it because the financial commitment is just way too burdening and I think in the back of my head the emotional thing probably would get to me a little.

3. Why oh WHY did I open up to MrDentist about Spencer.  Now I feel more humiliated and embarrassed about my past.  Note to opening up anymore early on.

Well that's actually it but they were seemed like some pretty big things yesterday that I was trying to ignore...but wasn't actually very successful.
Total pink elephant in the room.
Does anyone else use that  expression or did I make it up?

I know there is an expression of an elephant in the room (which is impossible to ignore).
I always use the example, if someone told you "do NOT to think of a pink elephant" ...
isn't it kind of funny that THAT is all you can think about??? No?
I'm guess I'm strange and just a little rambly this morning.

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