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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chapter X-27: Week one...of the continuing random conversations

About 3 weeks ago
Was week one...of our basically daily conversation

5:35 PM Jacob: zuzu
6 minutes
5:41 PM me: Hi you
5:46 PM Jacob: hi
 me: R u still at work?
5:51 PM Jacob: yep
5:52 PM me: Any thing fun planned this weekend? I'm just getting ready to head out for Brooke's bday weekend
5:53 PM Jacob: a holiday dinner tomorrow night, hockey sun
 5:54 PM Jacob: holiday dinner is at sally and and mark place
 me: Oh my goodness I LOVED them
  We had so much fun with them
5:56 PM Jacob: i will let u go so u can get going
 me: I'm good right now just finalizing details on line and waiting for clothes in dryer :)
5:57 PM Jacob: k
 me: How is hockey going?
 Jacob: good
5:58 PM me: Score any goals ?
 Jacob: every few games
 me: Hat trick?

For those of you who aren't Canadian or don't know a "hat trick" is when you score 3 goals in one game
5:59 PM Jacob: nope
 me: That should be your goal ;)
6:00 PM Haha
6:01 PM Jacob: haha
6:06 PM me: Ball hockey still?
 Jacob: roller hockey w puck
 me: Yea like what you did befor just not ice
6:07 PM Jacob: yep
6:08 PM u never sent yr pic lol
 me: I know I haven't been at that computer yet
  I will
  You like it eh? Haha
 Jacob: haha
6:10 PM i will let u go now :)
6:12 PM me: Ok talk to you later...good luck sunday but I think you will do wonderful...and I would say to tell sally and mark hi if it wouldn't make thing awkward I really really liked them and I bet there house looks even better if they continued to renovate like they were
6:13 PM Jacob: k thanks have a good weekend
 me: U too :) later big zuzu
6:14 PM Jacob: bye

3:14 PM Jacob: how was yr weekend
 me: Great weekend we had an awesome time :). How was sally and marks
 Jacob: good
3:18 PM me: They are wonderful so much fun!

27 minutes
3:45 PM Jacob: u there?
 me: Hi
 Jacob: Hi, I had a client
3:46 PM me: That's okay:)
4:01 PM Jacob: :(
  come here :)
He is talking about me now moving there after we discussed different aspects of our career in different countries etc.  Did he REALLY just say "come here" with respect to working...ughhh weird

 me: Tried that twice...not my choice to not be there
5 minutes
4:06 PM Jacob: :)
4:07 PM me: ?
4:08 PM Jacob: it was suppose to be :(

what did he mean it was suppose to be?  did he mean I was supposed to be there because AGAIN it was his choice for us to split up.  Pretty much we couldn't agree on where to live.  He wanted to live in the cold north and I wanted to compromise and live a little further issue he had 0 compromise.  This wasn't an issue before but it sure did become a big one between us as you will see in this convo.  Some things never change...or do they?
4:10 PM me: Yea but people change their minds I guess ;)
4:15 PM Jacob: u did you gave the ultimatum :)
4:16 PM me: You chose
  And I recall nothing changed about what I wanted all along
4:17 PM Jacob: u chose geography #1
12 minutes
4:29 PM me: Not in the end
6 minutes
4:36 PM Jacob: yes
4:37 PM me: Yes?
4:38 PM Jacob: it was if u would live around this area it would have worked
4:39 PM me: I tried to discuss that with you in the end
 Jacob: no u didnt
 me: And it is complicated bc would I resent you for that?
  YES I sure did
  In jan
 Jacob: i dont remember
 me: I wanted to talk
  You didnt
  You wouldn't come over
 Jacob: u got engaged in feb
4:40 PM me: I was talking as early as jan 2009 not 2010
  When I was still there
  I'm not engaged now
God what was I saying?  I mean was I really defending this?  What was I thinking...this had gone from conversations about TV shows and cooking to this level...then after almost an hour it picked up again
5:34 PM Jacob: in april of 2009 when i saw u you wouldnt have
  u never did when i was there u said u couldnt be here
5:38 PM me: I was hurt in april but I did try to talk to you about it jan09 then in april I was told it wasn't an option
6 minutes
5:45 PM me: And I remember talking in the hotel about it (in Syracuse RIGHT before I left fo Asia) and I told you I was afraid to try and even move to back bc what if you just leave again (there were many times I begged you to come back home) and again I dont/didnt have the option
5:49 PM I think what was most frustrating was there was no compromise...
20 minutes
6:09 PM Jacob: im sorry i didnt want to just get up and go and family is important
34 minutes
6:44 PM Jacob: i wasnt going to leave
38 minutes
7:22 PM Jacob: are u there
14 minutes
7:37 PM Jacob: ?
 me: Hi
7:38 PM What's up?
5 minutes
7:43 PM Jacob: i was just talking :)
7:44 PM i have to go now, have to wrap up work
 me: Okay sounds good
7:45 PM I kind of felt like you did leave though
  I wanted you to come back and work on things but you didn't ...sorry just how I felt lets pretend we aren't having some of these conversations and we are just buddies...
1:48 PM Jacob: zuzu
1:51 PM me: Hi
1:52 PM Jacob: hi
1:54 PM me: How are you?
 Jacob: im good and u
1:55 PM me: Cold haha
  We are getting bad storms and I'm not used to it
1:58 PM Jacob: its cold here too
1:59 PM me: Good snuggle weather ;)
2:00 PM Jacob: haha
3:14 PM Jacob: how is work
3:15 PM me: Good I just made an cup of green tea because I'm cold 3:19 PM Jacob: no heat in there?
3:20 PM me: Yea there is I just came from living in the tropics though and it is really cold
3:22 PM Jacob: gotcha
34 minutes
3:56 PM me: So...
8 minutes
4:04 PM Jacob: yes zuzu
4:05 PM me: I'm bored haha
 Jacob: haha
 me: I'm trying to plan Taylor's trip to canada in jan and it is almost all scheduled
4:06 PM Jacob: that sounds fun
4:07 PM me: Her first time ...I think she will freeze to death haha
4:08 PM Jacob: haha
 me: I'm so bored I'm making reservations at restaurants
27 minutes
4:36 PM Jacob: the keg!
 me: You liked that eh? She has that in her state though
4:37 PM I want to take her to some reallyu cool canadian places
 Jacob: eh!
 me: Haha exactly
  Toronto just got its first chipotle :)
16 minutes
4:54 PM Jacob: thats great

5:24 PM Jacob: you there
15 minutes
5:39 PM me: Hi
13 minutes
5:53 PM Jacob: hey
5:54 PM me: U still at work?
5:55 PM Jacob: yeq

Here is where the conversation took a weird turn/had my heart in my throat.

5:56 PM Jacob: im in (your city) right now
 me: Haha
He has GOT to be kidding right???
5:59 PM Jacob: haha
 me: Tease
 Jacob: what if i was
6:00 PM me: ?
 Jacob: there
  how a teas
 me: Bc you are teasing me about being here
6:01 PM Jacob: how is it a tease
 me: It would be nice to see youj
6:02 PM Jacob: what r u up to
 me: Just got home making a salad haha I know exciting eh?
6:04 PM Jacob: eh
6:05 PM me: Aka right
 Jacob: what r u doing this weekend
 me: Have a holiday party tomorrow at my cousins place (the one I didn't end up going to)
6:06 PM What are up to?
  No visits to canada? Haha
6:07 PM Jacob: our office holiday dinner
 me: How fun :)
 Jacob: im at tim hortons
 me: Haha
6:08 PM Look at you lovin everythiung canadian
 Jacob: haha
6:10 PM \
 me: \?
 Jacob: typo
  r u crossing the border anytime soon
 me: Not sure yet
6:11 PM Why?
 Jacob: just curious
 me: I have to go to calgary in feb
 me: And then I'm going to visit a girlfriend in winnipeg
  In feb too
6:15 PM me: So I'm going to ask you what you asked me...what if you were here?
 Jacob: i would see u
6:16 PM me: Ok
 Jacob: ?
 me: Well duh I would see you if you were in front of my face haha
6:19 PM Jacob: what am i suppose to say
 me: I was just asking the same question you asked me :)
6:20 PM Jacob: gotcha
 me: Is that bad?
6:21 PM Jacob: no
 me: K
Jacob: im going the local toastmasters next month
 me: Awesome I think you will get something good out of that
6:23 PM Sounds like fun
 Jacob: i never got my pic haha
He must really really like that picture.
 me: Honestly haven't been at that computer
  But when I am that will be the first thing I do
6:24 PM Jacob: do u still watch one tree hill
6:25 PM me: Of course haha
  Do you?
 Jacob: no thought it stopped
 me: No way
  Its on season 8
  So good
  My guilty pleasure
6:26 PM Jacob: oh wow
 me: Haha I love the drama :)
6:28 PM Jacob: i like pawn stars and american pickers on hist channel
Seriously could we get ANY nerdier???6:29 PM me: Haha I've seen that
6:34 PM Jacob: what r yr plans
 me: Up in the air honestly
6:35 PM Jacob: what would be yr perfect plan
 me: US would prob be my #1 choice but maybe practice in canada for awhile first maybe TO or Vancouver
6:37 PM Jacob: i didnt get yr last message got kicked off
 me: US would prob be my #1 choice but maybe practice in canada for awhile first maybe TO or Vancouver
6:38 PM Jacob: gotcha
 me: I can really practice anywhere
6:39 PM I want to be 100% happy with who I'm with that is more important
 Jacob: except PA lol
 me: I didn't say that did I?
 Jacob: bf u did
 me: Things change
6:40 PM Jacob: ?
 me: I value things that are more important than location
6:42 PM Jacob: when did that happen
 me: I guess over the last couple of years
6:43 PM Jacob: what changed
 me: Being in lots of locations really teaches you what is important/of value
 Jacob: and what do u think now
6:44 PM me: That I want to be with someone who is the right person for me and will stick with me and values the things I do
6:45 PM Jacob: gotcha
  time to leave work
 me: K have a great weekend
 Jacob: u too bye
 me: Later

2:01 PM Jacob: zuzu
2:02 PM me: What's up?
 Jacob: just saying hi
 me: Hi
2:03 PM Jacob: what r u up to
2:04 PM me: Just hanging out...ran today bc it is warm but slipped so I'm putting some ice on my knee :(
 Jacob: :(
 me: Didn't see the ice oops
2:05 PM Jacob: just worked out now watching eagles
 me: Sunday football eh?
2:06 PM Jacob: yep
3:24 PM Jacob: making your chicken recipe again :)
 me: Haha that is awesome!
3:25 PM Jacob: one of my fav
3:26 PM me: I know I remember...good thing I taught you ;)
 Jacob: with those special spices :)
 me: It is the best
  I don't like ones you get at regular spice section
 Jacob: me either
3:27 PM two hockey games tonite
 me: Better eat up
  Maybe get a hattrick
3:29 PM Jacob: gotcha
 me: You say gotcha a lot
3:30 PM Jacob: ok then
  u say eh a lot
 me: I'm canadian
 Jacob: i know
 me: So I have an excuse
3:34 PM Jacob: ok
3:35 PM me: my dog has a loose tooth :(
3:36 PM Jacob: :( little arlikins (his pet name for my dog)
 me: He is getting old
 Jacob: :(
 me: I know he the best dog ever
3:38 PM Jacob: he iks a good boy
3:39 PM me: I know...such a
   Sweet fun doG
  And he still loves to have naps together on the couch
 Jacob: ok good
3:40 PM me: You used to like to do that with him haha
3:41 PM Jacob: yep
3:44 PM im going to get off my computer and shower and finish cooking
 me: Okay good luck in your games tonight
 Jacob: thnx maybe i will find a pic from u later lol
3:45 PM me: Haha like I said as soon as I get the chance
 Jacob: bye
 me: Bye

So that is the way our conversations have been going...sometime circling discussing what happened with us.  Sometimes pretending like nothing happened with us.  I didn't know if it would go anywhere.  I didn't know if really I was getting anything out of it except for trying to forget about Spencer. 
What was I thinking?!
to be continued

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