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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chapter X-24: Confessions 4 days later

4 days later the conversation continued...I felt mixed up and confused.
I knew I was really eating up this attention ...I felt like I was starving for attention.
I don't ever EVER talk to Ex's except him.  He has this weird habit of contacting me when I am in like a huge transition or in a rough patch.

[4 days later 6:29:22 PM] Jacob: Hey are you there?
[4 days later 6:30:11 PM] Jacob: I only have skype on my work laptop since it takes up too many resources on my personal laptop so I haven't been on since last week
[4 days later 6:30:36 PM] ME: hey
[4 days later 6:30:42 PM] ME: whats up?
[4 days later 6:31:03 PM] Jacob: how r u
[4 days later 6:31:11 PM] ME: good how r u?
[4 days later 6:31:15 PM] Jacob: im good
[4 days later 6:31:25 PM] Jacob: brb
[4 days later 6:31:26 PM] ME: k
[4 days later 6:41:05 PM] Jacob: back
[4 days later 6:41:30 PM] ME: hi :)
[4 days later 6:42:13 PM] Jacob: hi :)
[4 days later 6:42:23 PM] Jacob: what are you work plans
[4 days later 6:42:30 PM] Jacob: your

this is where I filled him in on my plan...well not exactly filled him in on everything but told him about my new plan.  That I had officially moved back and was getting this organized with my career and getting ready for a move to toronto. We are both in the same career.  But a lot of our convo is filled with technical specifics that I think most people would find boring.  He started to ask me about some conferences that I had already taken or if I knew of any good conferences/seminars (we have to constantly update our knowledge in our field)

[4 days later 6:49:54 PM] Me: hmmm that is a tough choice...if you have any knowledge whatsoever of research you won't that conference...  or you could see if there are any seminars in Canada that peak your interest...So sue me I was putting it out there?!  Heck I'm this girl that isn't worth it for certain someone (Spencer) to even come here to end an engagement/marriage with so maybe I would try my chances with it was "feel good" attention...and it was a distraction.  Geez I certainly am justifying it...

[4 days later 6:50:25 PM] Jacob: In Toronto?
[4 days later 6:50:32 PM] Me: nevermind
[4 days later 6:50:46 PM] Jacob: oh to come see baby zuzu;)

there is that nickname again...I'm such a sucker!

[4 days later 6:51:13 PM] Jacob: right?
[4 days later 6:51:20 PM] Me: haha
[4 days later 6:51:32 PM] Jacob: ?
[4 days later 6:51:48 PM] Me: maybe
[4 days later 6:52:30 PM] Jacob: you could have come to the conference I was in nyc last week
[4 days later 6:52:49 PM] Me: i don't need to attend any more conferences this year
[4 days later 6:52:59 PM] Me: and all the other stuff i'm doing is pretty expensive
[4 days later 6:53:00 PM] Jacob: it wasnt for CEs
[4 days later 6:53:05 PM] Me: ?
[4 days later 6:53:26 PM] Jacob: you said to see u
[4 days later 6:53:36 PM] Me: i can see me everyday ;)
[4 days later 6:53:51 PM] Me: and i don't believe i remember you inviting me
[4 days later 6:53:57 PM] Jacob: haha

So random he honestly said I could have been there in NYC with him or was that kind of an invitation after it already happened...hmmm so maybe he doesn't have a girlfriend seeing as there is 0 mention of one thus far
But addmittingly I don't exactly come out and ask
Maybe I don't want to know.

[4 days later 7:02:20 PM] Jacob: how was Asia
[4 days later 7:02:33 PM] Me: great
[4 days later 7:02:36 PM] Me: i learned a ton
[4 days later 7:02:38 PM] Me: worked my butt off
[4 days later 7:03:02 PM] Jacob: why did u come back? the engagement?
[4 days later 7:03:15 PM] Me: a few reasons
[4 days later 7:03:28 PM] Me: i was going to end up missing three of the girls's weddings if i stayed
[4 days later 7:03:32 PM] Me: i was homesick
[4 days later 7:03:41 PM] Me: and just felt like my time in asia was done
[4 days later 7:03:47 PM] Jacob: gotcha

[4 days later 7:10:43 PM] Me: so you never answered the question when we last talked
[4 days later 7:10:57 PM] Jacob: what was taht
[4 days later 7:10:58 PM] Jacob: that
[4 days later 7:11:04 PM] Me: you know
[4 days later 7:11:08 PM] Jacob: what
[4 days later 7:11:13 PM] Me: nevermind
[4 days later 7:12:02 PM] Jacob: ?
[4 days later 7:12:18 PM] Me: it was just what we were talking about
[4 days later 7:12:46 PM] Jacob: what specifcally
[4 days later 7:13:19 PM] Me: what we thought about each other/why we still talk/etc
[4 days later 7:14:02 PM] Jacob: i thought of u a lot when u were gone
[4 days later 7:14:10 PM] Me: but not any more
Okay I'm officially fishing for stuff...

[4 days later 7:14:23 PM] Jacob: i have
[4 days later 7:14:32 PM] Me: ok i get the idea
[4 days later 7:14:41 PM] Jacob: ?
[4 days later 7:14:49 PM] Me: past tense
[4 days later 7:15:20 PM] Me: its cool
[4 days later 7:15:39 PM] Jacob: had is past have is present
[4 days later 7:15:46 PM] Me: haha you are right
Okay so I don't have the greatest grammer skills...

[4 days later 7:17:22 PM] Jacob: did u get off facebook
[4 days later 7:17:29 PM] Me: yup
[4 days later 7:17:42 PM] Me: i'm in the process of just making it a professional one
[4 days later 7:17:46 PM] Jacob: i thought so i couldnt find u
[4 days later 7:17:52 PM] Me: you looked?
[4 days later 7:18:15 PM] Jacob: most of the time u were gone i did
[4 days later 7:18:27 PM] Me: no you deleted me off fb
[4 days later 7:18:54 PM] Jacob: when i saw you were engaged i did
Which is true the day I changed my facebook status he deleted me as a friend.
[4 days later 7:19:14 PM] Me: it bothered me (it really did) and this conversation is about to become a little more immature and accusatory...
[4 days later 7:19:22 PM] Jacob: what did
[4 days later 7:19:30 PM] Me: that you deleted me
[4 days later 7:19:45 PM] Jacob: u got engaged and I figured u wanted nothing w me
[4 days later 7:20:12 PM] Me: at the time you also had pics up of your gf
[4 days later 7:20:34 PM] Jacob: after u got engaged
[4 days later 7:20:58 PM] Me: no before
[4 days later 7:21:15 PM] Jacob: i didnt have a gf bf
[4 days later 7:21:16 PM] Me: i couldn't have looked at it
[4 days later 7:21:24 PM] Me: bc you deleted me
[4 days later 7:22:13 PM] Me: if you did after
[4 days later 7:22:23 PM] Jacob: i know
[4 days later 7:22:34 PM] Jacob: u could still see
[4 days later 7:22:38 PM] Me: no
[4 days later 7:22:51 PM] Me: i wasn't your friend
[4 days later 7:22:52 PM] Jacob: they there were w a friend not a gf
[4 days later 7:22:54 PM] Me: how could i see
[4 days later 7:22:59 PM] Me: okay
[4 days later 7:23:03 PM] Me: i don't think so but okay

[4 days later 7:29:53 PM] Jacob: brb back
[4 days later 7:30:02 PM] Me: so
[4 days later 7:30:13 PM] Jacob: ?
[4 days later 7:30:40 PM] Jacob: so?
[4 days later 7:30:52 PM] Me: what do you think of me now
[4 days later 7:30:55 PM] Me: hows that for direct haha
[4 days later 7:31:25 PM] Jacob: yr look great
[4 days later 7:31:31 PM] Jacob: beautiful
[4 days later 7:31:42 PM] Me: thanks
[4 days later 7:32:04 PM] Me: i'm blushing...not sure if there is a blushing face
[4 days later 7:32:11 PM] Me: (blush)
[4 days later 7:32:15 PM] Me: there is haha
[4 days later 7:32:19 PM] Jacob: haha
[4 days later 7:32:50 PM] Jacob: I have to close up the office now
[4 days later 7:33:04 PM] Me: geez leave me hanging haha
[4 days later 7:33:10 PM] Jacob: ?
[4 days later 7:33:24 PM] Me: unless that is all you think about me...that i look good
[4 days later 7:33:53 PM] Jacob: haha
[4 days later 7:34:01 PM] Jacob: we will talk later
[4 days later 7:34:04 PM] Me: k
[4 days later 7:34:06 PM] Jacob: bye
[4 days later 7:34:08 PM] Me: bye

To be continued...

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