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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mom

I have to admit I'm trying to get into the new year.
There are a ton of things I want to or feel like I have to do.
Like a resolution list that I love to read so much on other blogs and then when said bloggers recap at the end of the year (love THAT even more).  So I'm working on that.

So today is my mom's birthday.
I thought they were getting back from travels yesterday but I guess not because my dad isn't at work.
See how close we are?!  I need to teach my parents to text so that we can communicate without actually speaking...I know that sounds cold but I think that would be better for us.

So it's her birthday today.  I think she is 52 (I'm always horrible with knowing that stuff!)  So I know I should do something but I've been so wrapped up in my own stuff that I haven't really done anything or thought about it to a large extent (yes I feel like a bad daughter). 

So what do I get do we celebrate?  I would rather not go out for dinner (again for totally selfish reasons...not even sure if they are back yet anyway).  I guess I could get her a cake on the way home from work but she doesn't really like cake hmmm maybe scrap that idea.  I guess I could brainstorm about a gift to get her.  I feel myself getting into a funk...which means I need to continue with this gratitude task like I said I would for the 30 days minimum (oops I kind of let the weekend slide because I was away without a computer/internet access). 

So here is my gratitude for this weekend and maybe I will add one at the end of the day today.
I am grateful for:

1. My amazing girlfriends who are supportive but also can kick me in the butt when I need it.  My friends hold me accountable because they love me.  They expect the best from me but also provide that support network that I couldn't even imagine what my life would be like without it.  I feel IMMENSELY lucky to have them as my friends.  I don't know many people that have such a great group of friends. 
2. This may sound shallow but I'm glad I'm not with someone who has over $100 000+ of school debt or any debt.  Even though I don't have much to show for my life (I'm not a home owner etc)...I also technically don't have outstanding loans that are gathering interest every year or have to worry about someone else's either.
3. My friend Val lent me Modern Family which we watched a few episodes and I think it is HILARIOUS. It also makes me excited for new shows on TV and other shows coming back and staring up in January (I am such a TV and Movie junky I admit it...though I never miss social events for them but I do love the ability to record and watch at my own leisure).
4. I can't forget that I have Taylor coming to Canada in less than two weeks!  It feels like it isn't going to happen (probably becuase it is too good to be true).  Taylor has this magical ability to make me laugh (even when I feel like I can't).  She makes me feel good about myself.  I cannot wait to share Canada with her and "ruin" another city.
5. I am grateful for my family no matter how dysfunctional or how much I feel like I am adopted they are there for me and have been countless times.  I do appreciate that even if I don't understand what they do sometimes.  They (my mom & dad, and my brother) called me on New Years Eve to say Happy New Year and that was really really nice.

So back to brainstorming for a birthday gift for my mom.  Maybe I will check out Pier1 and Chapters to see if I get any inspiration on the way home from work.  That and then a card should do the trick.  It is not that I don't love my mom but maybe it is the years of disappointing her that makes it tough.  She does have a tendency to be critical and negative so as long as I prepare myself for that I can't be disappointed.  So maybe that is the way I go just do my best and stop worrying about pleasing everyone all the time.  Starting with my mom's birthday gift.


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