Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Teagan and Taylor "ruin" Toronto Itinerary aka Sneak Peak to our weekend!

I put this together before our trip but didn't post it.
Since it will take me a little bit to do a detailed weekend review this was the plan from last weekend

FRIDAY:  I will be leaving work at 5pm to head to Toronto and probably grab dinner and hang out with Eva until Taylor lands. 
Here flight should land around 11:30pm and hopefully the weather is good so we can head to my hometown.
If not our emergency weather shelter is likely Eva's place.
On the way home we will stop in Tim Horton's for Taylor's first Tim Horton's Experience.

I'm sure though we will have no trouble staying awake and chatting the whole way home.

We will sleep at my place that night...well depends on how all chatted out we get I know when she visited me in Asia the first night we were up until 4:30am catching up.

We will wake up probably around 8:30am because we have to shower and get ready...I'm thinking we will do a Tim Horton's stop on the way to our 10am appointments for manicures and pedicures...

Then we will break for lunch at a pub with my parents at about 12ish
at 2:15pm it is back to the spa for our hair appointments for fun flirty going out hair.

Then around 3/3:30pm will be our make-up appointments at MAC.

Hopefully leave for Toronto around 4:30pm...we should get there around 6:30/7.
We can head to Eva's place (where we will spend the night) and have dinner with some of the girls and possibly go out on the town.

Maybe a poutine stop on the way home!

When we wake up we will head to Insomnia one of our favourite Breakfast places in Toronto.

Then we will head to one of my favourite bakeries either Bobette & Belle or La Bamboche :)

Then we will go to Yorkdale to go shopping!  I love shopping with Taylor!

Hopefully around 3/4 we will head to the Hotel I love in Toronto...totally my favourite I could do a whole post on it.

Then since a lot of restaurants are shut down maybe head to O&B's Cafe Grill.

Drinks after either at CN Tower (prob over priced) or our hotel bar since we both love hotel bars.

Wake up and cheap breakfast somewhere
Bata Shoe Museum then head to Auberge du Pomme for late lunch before taking Taylor to the airport :(


  1. Love it! Can't wait to hear how much fun you had together!

  2. What a fantastic plan. I'm going to steal some ideas for if/when my BFF Lucy and I go to Toronto.

    I especially like how much Tim Horton's you've factored into the trip. Fortunately, I live in a state with lots and lots of THo's. Looooove it.

  3. It was a great time!
    How funny that sometimes you discover your favourite or new places when you are showing someone around.
    I couldn't speak higher of any of the restaurants we went to (and they were a range of prices too).
    The hotel we stayed in is half hotel half condos (similar to the W in Dallas)...omg it is amazing...I WISH I could live in their condos!!!!
    Tim Hortons of course is a huge factor (I'm glad it is has snuck into at least a few states!) Taylor was hapily surprized at how cheap everything is there (almost 1/3 of the price of Starbucks here).
    The only thing we didn't get to try was poutine which will have to wait until our next Canadian trip :)