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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dining Room Decor Obsession

The title is a little bit of a misnomer.
I don't even have a dining room.
Technically I don't even have a house/condo/apartment that is mine.
Okay again just me planning my overly planned life.
For a dining room that doesn't exist yet.

I so am not an open concept kind of person.
Though it is kind of hilarious becuase I am really going to be doing the condo thing for a long while (maybe forever?)  which technically is "open".
I would love nothing more than to have a formal (closed in) dining room.
The table is available in both 42" and 48" diameter.
I'm sure I could find a reasonable alternative in Canada that I wouldn't have to ship in from the US but I love this one so much.
To me it is one that could go in a condo.

Eventually if I ever do have a formal dining room then I will bump up to a rectangular dining room table.

I have been OBSESSED with these dining chairs for like 5 years.
Every time Ballard Designs puts out a new fabric collection or chairs...I freak out and panic that they will discontinue my favourite fabric.  Which has perfect teeny tiny fleur de lis (which I'm completely obsessed with).  So I search frantically until I see that I'm still able to order it.  It actually comes in three colours and if I was super rich I would get all 3 in sets of slipcovers to change up a dining room...but the one I love the most is the wheat coloured one.

I can't decide between these two slightly different ones; one is tufted (therefore can't remove fabric) and one is more of a slipcover (therefore I can order extra in case someone ruins one...yes I'm that obsessive that if someone was to spill red wine how would I fix this?!)  Or you can also order this fabric by the yard in case someone ruins the tufted chairs.  There isn't a huge price difference between the two either.

I love love LOVE these chairs so much.  So likely AFTER my Burberry Coat and then after the Dream Bed will come the Dream Dining Room.  I think I would start with a table and 4 chairs and eventually work my way up to 8-10 chairs if I ever got that formal dining room.  But then I wonder do I order all the slipcovers at the same time or just extra yards of fabric so that I won't end up with mismatched fabric later on.  Seriously I have a problem.  Who thinks this way?!  Why do I fall in love with things and (very likely) will never find things that will beat it.  Gosh I hope they don't discontinue these things before I can save for them.  Darn cash budgeting...this would be a totally bad reason to use a credit card but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it...

the slightly obsessive Teagan


  1. If you ever plan to have kids, I'd wait on any dining set you don't want to get ruined. Our kids are not neat & I am forever cleaning the chairs of food & sticky fingers. I hope they don't get discontinued on you, but I'd wait it out if I were you!

  2. Girl, take a chill pill on the dining room chairs getting discontinued. Fabric stores all over dallas have TONS of different fabrics with fleur de lis in them. Hell, probably half the price to buy and cover as what you would pay for those.

  3. @Liz- you are right on that one...nevermind the kids. My girlfriends (Jane in particular) have a spill issue with Red wine haha. Makes me think to lean toward the slip cover ones (versus the tufted version) with some cheaper slipcovers for particular parties haha. inlies my issue! I fall in love with something with 100% totality and then I don't love things ever as much. I have some very VERY good examples of this (1. a pink lulu bag that I waited for and completely sold out 2. a dining room table (these ones are my settling one) the original table was somewhere in a Dallas furniture store that had 4 fleur de lis inlayed at 4 parts of the round table (loved but don't know the store and when I went back sold out). 3. Hearts collection bag Burberry (sold out)

    I totally get that there are things "similar" but there are so many trenchs out there too that don't cost $1463.30 but I would rather wait and get the one I want. I totally have issues I know!

  4. But with those chairs, the style of them is nothing special. They're a dime a dozen since they're completely covered. It's just the fabric. And trust me, fleur de lis fabric is EVERYWHERE. Esp a print as plain and simple, and colors as common as this.

  5. This is where my problem is! They are special in a sense (they are a Parson chair so the proportion is perfect) and now that I have seen them etc. I will be disappointed in anything else. I will be in a constant stress worry that the fabric won't be right or the fit (if I source out a Parsons chair in Toronto and have covers made). This is my own issue and I realize I could achieve the same "look" probably cheaper but then I would be disappointed. I know I know I'm messed up. I need to work on this because you are totally right. I could probably achieve the same "look" or compromise and just buy the fabric. There are so many options I need to stop getting so "stuck" on a singular option in EVERY aspect of my life.