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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Like Canada in the third period I crumble

Heartbreak!  Oh the heartbreak and for once I'm not talking about myself (well kinda).
Canada was winning 3-0 in the third period and then they crumbled (Russia scored 5 goals to win the game).
My brother and his two buddies were laughing when Russia scored the 4th goal...but my heart was breaking.
Come Canada you were my metaphor with how everything was turning around in 2011 ...epic fail.

I went after work to go try and get a gift for my mom.  First I tried Pier 1 (which is like a home decor store) is how it went in that store.
Decorative Plate?? - no she has 4
Cool wine glasses- no they have a whole china cabinet (they even have port wine glasses)
Fun chargers (the plates that go under plates)- crap she just bought 2 sets for Christmas dinner and was complaining how they don't have space in their kitchen
Throw pillows?- no she just bought some in Florida with palm trees because her new obsession is palm trees
Bathroom accessories (like cup/toothbrush holder etc).- crap she just brought her old ones to my brothers place because she just bought new ones
Christmas decor-no she will just think I'm being cheap because it is on sale
Wine glass charms- hmmmm nope I have gifted that to her before.
So I left there feeling defeated.
And I'm stumped on what to get is how my thinking for that goes usually.
Well can't do mani/pedi/massage/spa day because well she owns a spa...remember the whole going out for dinner being too expensive (yea right)...oh yea I TOTALLY forgot to add that this past summer my mom won a speed boat but decided on the 50K cash instead (sorry total vent tangent).
My mom hates technology and doesn't work out so that eliminates anything "apple" related.
We don't have the same taste in clothes or shoes so that definitely doesn't work.
She doesn't read really so books are out...hmmm I do wonder if there is a book on building-relationships-with-your-daughter-that-aren't-based-in-criticism-and-negativity....too mean?  oops sorry.
Movie ticket? - 3 people gifted that to her for Christmas.
Slippers?- no
Jewellery (just not in budget for diamonds again) because she sells jewellery/scarves etc at her spa too!
Budget isn't enough for two tickets to like a play etc. in Toronto.
She is not a crafty person and wouldn't appreciate anything from Etsy or stuff like that.
What am I going to do give her a card with like cash $100 ...that feels awful.
Super annoying too that her birthday is always after Christmas so every also gets her the random gifts that are like good ideas.  What the heck am I going to get her? I'm totally open for suggestions and it is bad to like go for more than a few days without a gift because then it REALLY makes me look like I don't care but meanwhile I've been thinking about this for weeks!...epic epic fail.

Then I got to work and the head secretary (yes the annoying once that asks for tape-ey) asked how my Christmas break was with Spencer and when he was coming in to visit me at work.  (She MUST know what is going city is small and my family gossips (she has been family friends since before I even existed!)).  Through a cracked voice and extreme rapid blinking (while willing the tears not to come) I managed to squeak out "it's not working he doesn't want to marry me anymore" while she managed to look so confused and then be like "what?" then she proceeds with "well do you want to talk about it?  what happens to your immigration that you are waiting on then"....I managed to stammer out "he is cancelling it...I can't talk about this" (dear god please don't let the tears come I can feel them burning my eyes trying to get out)....then I bolted to my desk and starting filing.  Another fine epic fail by Teagan (okay I cannot start speaking in third person).

Schenn I think I feel like you do...sigh.

Canada's Brayden Schenn reacts after being defeated by Russia in the gold medal game at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo, New York.  Photograph by: Mark Blinch, REUTERS from

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