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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I heart Lauren

Okay obviously I love all things "Lauren" related and when I speak of Lauren I mean only one...Lauren Conrad.  Love her style and just in general feel like I learned a TON (about boys and friendships etc) watching her on The Hills etc.  Not to be a crazed fan but in general if she is attached to a project I can pretty much bet that I will love it. 

I love her style and loved her Lauren Conrad collection but at the time couldn't spend the $200+ on it.  I still went to the store and sighed and stared at the gorgeous clothes.  I love her style.  As much to know that when she eventually got to Paris she had this GORGEOUS black wool coat and I scoured EVERYwhere to find out what it was.  Turns out it was a Marc Jacobs jacket (completely unavailable due to it being made a season before-darn TV).  It was black and wool and a little bit of a swing coat but the back had this perfect PERFECT bow.  Anywho her are some pics when she got to Paris (finally) inspiration.

Even though her fictional books are for young teens I LOVE them.  Very gossip girl like (which is a total guilty reading pleasure for me).  I've read these two...

But haven't had a chance to read this one...but it is next on my list.

My cousin Bella bought her latest style book so I borrowed it and FLEW through it.  It was...AMAZING!  Of course.  No surprise that I loved it. 

There was also a decent amount of fashion (with an index telling you exactly what each article of clothing was at the back which I LOVED).  Ways to style a LBD (little black dress) 5 ways.  Tips on shoes and how to give yourself a basic wardrobe.  It also talked about packing (and gave sample packing lists...did I mention I LOVE lists).  And so much more.  I've been really good about using the library and borrowing books but this one may just be a purchase.  I missed her book tour in October (darnit!!!!)  and I just noticed there was an event in a city that Taylor lives in so I would have BEGGED her to get me an autographed personalized copy for me (I.would.die- to quote Rachel Zoe).  Well here is hoping that her next book tour I will be at...trying not to look like a crazied fan.  But hey my blog address has laurenshouldhavegonetoparis in it with reference to the lesson that I (should) have learned from her but like her I needed to make my own mistakes (kind of like she did). 

Ps I totally love my new signature block!  How fun :)

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  1. LOVEd all her books. Sugar & Spice was just as fantastic as the rest -- I read through them in one night each. I've been wanting to buy Style. You inspired me to finally just buy it. Literally right now. Got to love Amazon.