Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When promises aren't promises*

My name is Teagan and I have a flair for the overdramatic.
As in right now.
As in I'm perplexed and pacing my apartment which means it's time for another round of way too honest and way too much detail and just writing it out on the blog.

It may just be one of those nights that if I was in Dallas.
I would turn up on Tay's door step with a bottle of wine and comfy clothes on just cause.
Now that makes it sound uber depressing (which it is not).
Just I'm perplexed and need a bestie to lean on.

So here it goes.
I totally am crushing way WAY to hard on MrDentist.
As in I need to get a grip and perhaps go on more dates with others.
Which I know seems so very counterituitive.

So last we left it I had a great Friday into Saturday.
Saturday was a rollercoaster.

I thought I was doing the mature and right thing letting him have his guy's night.
However part of me wishes I had tagged along (the selfish part of me that was bitter and irritated sitting at home on a Saturday night).

On Sunday I had a change of plans.
So I invited MrDentist to come by for a drink on his way home.
To which he didn't know how Sunday would go for him but said he was thinking he could visit Wednesday night* as on Thursday morning he was headed out to a guys trip to Vegas.
I (after consulting heavily with Tay) replied breezily "sounds great".

I didn't hear from him at all on Sunday.
But was greeted with a Monday 7:15am text of good morning and a soon to follow message of "can't wait to hear your voice" doubleswoon!
We texted back and forth most of the day.
I spoke to him for about 10 minutes before I suggested he talk to MissDentist (I though her boyfriend had flown out that day but I got confused with Tay). 
Then he texted me to say he had to call his dad next.
Then I didn't hear from him until the am good morning text today which included an explanation of him falling asleep on his ocuhc and waking up on it after midnight.

Which led to more flirty texts today.
On my way home I decided to stop at the grocery store to have some things here just in case.
Her is the funwithpaint proof.
Of my stocked fridge.
Seriously I'm either head over heels for this guy or I'm just a little bit of an overthinker.
I tried to illustrate my thinking behind each of these items.

I tried to call him at around 9:15pm.
He messaged me he was in a business meeting and may have to continue said business meeting tomorrow night :( and that is his unhappy face which pretty much matched mine.
Then a "call u soon".

Which was exactly one hour and eleven minutes ago.
Combine that with some unsettling home news (which is not for this blogs information).
And a little bit of stress for a last minute Monday/Tuesday overnight trip that I'm actually majorly stressing.
And I'm a stressball.

*I think I need to take a deep breath and realize that sometimes
when someone says something it isn't always promise.
Even if I want it to be.
Did I mention I am a tad overdramatic?!

Also the teeniest tiniest part of me then thinks about this mess of unanswered messages
from Jacob.
Did you really think he would stop?
Here they are in chronological order...

PS Thanks Tay for teaching miss this cool feature on the iPhone.
So a few things of the above messages.
#1 how about a round of applause for all the UNANSWERED messages (yay!)
#2 so WEIRD how he messages me over and over and doesn't try to call or anything else!
#3 have to admire his persistance
#4 one of those is a actually a quote from  a Gavin DeGraw song (see video below)

So it is now 10:50pm and more importantly MrDentist hasn't called.
I should just go to bed.
And pretend I'm not anxiously awaiting his phone call.
And try not to be disappointed if I just get a "good morning" text in the morning.
And not be perturbed that likely he isn't spending the night tomorrow.
Even if I thought he totally promised.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday Night Bliss and Saturday afternoon fun

So Friday straight from work I bolted home.
Because I had JUST enough time to change quickly before MrDentist picked me up.
Only he arrived about 30 seconds after I did.

He was so sweet and said he wanted to go to grab some wine anyway.
So he told me to take my time getting ready and it wasn't a big deal if we were a little late.
He made a joke about as long as he got a kiss when I came down.
So I got ready and he picked up some wine.

I was nervous because I had my curly hair (pretty much almost every time he has seen me I've had a blow out and I realize this may be so insignificant but I worry because that's what I do).
So when I first saw him we had a quick kiss on the lips (swoon).
Anywho he was waiting for me and had a bottle of water waiting in the car.
He is seriously so thoughtful.
And during our drive at one point he said..."I'm sorry I was just reliving our kiss when I first saw you".
And I was beaming at that comment.

So we had about an hour and a half drive to Niagara to head back to MissDentist and her boyfriend's home.
He missed his turn which he blaimed on "I was distracted by how beautiful you are"...
Double swoon.
I always just blush and say "thank you".

We arrived at their home.
I had brought some red gerbera daisies to match there fabulous red kitchen.

And we got right started with the drinks and apps.

They had quite the spread.
Cheese and crackers and sushi and olives and all kinds of great stuff.
Some wonderful wines.

Miss Dentist and I were quickly engroused in conversation.
She kept saying things that reminded me of Tay.

I kept saying "you must meet Taylor y'all are two peas in a pod!"

We had barbequed whole red snapper with a tomato tower and grilled peppers.
Seriously they make the BEST food ever.
I wish I had taken pics!

Then we went for a quick walk and we saw some of their different things in their backyard.
Am I being vague?!  I apologize but I truely value their friendship and invitation into their home so I don't want to give away too much.
Which is also why I don't share pics of their home on here.
We laughed and talked and just had a really really great time.

Dessert was flambed bananas and ice cream and brownie.
OMG seriously it is better than eating in a restaurtant.
And what makes it even better?! 
They are the kindest most fun people ever!

And MrDentist had some kind words for myself.

So then as the night was winding down.
The bedroom dilemna.
Just like the hotel room dilemna.
(That we ended up using one of two room...oops!)

I feel torn.
Partially because I don't want to look like a slhore.
Partially because I really REALLY like him.

So we started off cuddling on the couch.
Which became making out on the couch until after 3am.
To us being very tired and heading to bed together.

Now nothing happened except for some intense making out.
In fact I kept on my pajamas of t-shirt and sweatpants on all night.
And lordy does he have the greatest body ever.
(He was shirtless).
Did you ever see Crazy Stupid Love?
Well in the preview when Emma Stone says "seriously it's like your're photoshopped!"
That is what it is like looking at him!
Here's the trailer (that quote happens in the last 20 seconds of it).

He is amazing.
We woke up and I was mildly embarrassed
(with the realization of coming out of the guest room together).
Everyone made a little joke of it at breakfast.
Which was eggs benedict amazingness.

So we headed away from Niagara and back into the city.
First to check out more condos again.
Then due to my cancellation MrDentist suggested we grab some lunch in Yorkville.
And I have so so so much fun with him.
I'm falling pretty darn hard.
I love talking to him.
I also love how he asked the waiter
"isn't she the most beautiful woman in this restaurant today?!"
Which makes me blush and smile all at the same time...even if it does put the waiter in a little bit of an awkward position.

So on our way out the restaurant we ran into my work colleague (which I wrote about here).
Terribly awkward.
We grabbed an espresso afterwards followed by shopping.
I didn't want our day to end.
I sort of ended up in a little bit of a crummy mood due to getting ditched.
He invited me to guys night but I declined.
He dropped me off at home and we had a quick kiss goodbye.
He texted me  "I miss you already".
Triple swoon!
Thought I was so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly bored last night.
I went for a run instead.

But y'all I'm in trouble.
I like him way way too much.
I've cancelled every other possible date because I just really really like him.
And to be honest I have 0 interest in anyone else.
And I'm afraid I won't play it cool enough.
I'm a total dork.
A totally smitten dork.

It's been a very VERY long time since I've felt this way...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A perfect Sunday

So I was up bright and early to head back to Toronto to meet up with MrDentist.
I was nervous and had all of 15 minutes to freshen up before I had leave to meet him from his home away from home The Thomspon Hotel.
We quickly left my car in the valet.
And bumped into Matt Dillon (seriously) who MrDentist is aquainted with.

So off we drove to wine country...Niagara.
To a tasting event.
One of MrDentists classmates let's call her MissDentist and her boyfriend are involved in the wine business.
We had a fabulous afternoon of wine tasting.
Just enough to feel giddy and tipsy and flirty.

After the tasting MissDentist and her boyfriend invited us to their home for dinner.
Which was a fabulous idea!
So we went over and all cooked dinner together and had wine too!
The company was AMAZING.
Seriously I was so completely blissed out from how much fun I was having.
Like I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
THIS is what I was craving.

I was also quite excited that MrDentist had more friends then just that interesting group from that Friday.
I seriously instantly connected with MissDentist and I hope we become great friends.
She reminds me so FREAKING much of Tay that I was super blown away!

I didn't want the day to end.
But so it did.
So MrDentist and I headed back to Toronto.
We had some wonderful talks on the way back.

And the following days and nights.
The very next night (Monday) we stayed up until 2:15am talking.

About everything and anything.
Y'all I'm falling hard...
This could be trouble.
And just WAIT until you hear about this past Friday night...

Last Saturday night *As in not the rollercoaster of yesterday.

So how did I leave it off on last Friday (read here)...
Right me in MrDentist's arms cuddling in my room.
So we woke up ...a little tired...a little hungover...a little shy.

He invited me to go look at some condos with himself and his agent.
I quickly agreed (how fun does that sound...especially if I will hopefully in the future be in the market for a cool downtown condo!)
So he headed back to his room and I quickly showered.

Then we went to go look at some fabulous condos.
Seriously gorgeous.
And it was super fun.
Found myself looking at him thinking wow he is an amazing man.

Then I had to head to an alumni meeting in the afternoon.
So we parted at the Thompson...with a quick kiss on the lips and I practically skipped away.
And from the alumni meeting I hopped in my car to head to Kingston to hang with the girls in Jane's new house.
It was a fun group.
Myself, Jane, her husband, Eva, Val, Quinn and her newborn, and Sophie (from Winnipeg!!!) and her newborn.

We had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing it up.
Very low key.
We even dressed the babies up the same (they are about 5 weeks apart).
Little do they know they will basically have to become best friends!

I was the only one who slept over at Jane's
(most of the girls all have family that live around there).
Someone noted I was a bit quiet that evening.
I think I was overwhelmed from the craziness of the night before (if you missed it read here).
And feeling a little out of place with the group (for the first time ever)...
Anyway I woke up bright and early to head back to Toronto...
to be able to spend time with MrDentist...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rollercoaster Teagan

Pic from here

Wow so many ups and downs it's like a rollercoaster up in here.
More good than bad (happy to report).
And I know this is going to seem really rather disjointed as I haven't updated for the week.
And boy a lot can happen in a week.
I just want to get it all off my chest so that I can let it go and have a good sleep tonight.
So here we go....

Had the BEST past 24 hours with MrDentist.
He is incredible.
He's smart, funny, sexy and makes me feel amazing.
And not just because he happens to be a very VERY good kisser.

I was supposed to have my first sorority even today.
Except every single person bailed.
Therefore my first event=failure.

But this enabled me to spend an afternoon looking at downtown condos with MrDentist.
Us strolling through the Yorkville area.
Grabbing an espresso and stopping into some shops.
And stopping into a PERFECT amazing restaurant called One.

On the way out the restaurant running into my work colleague
(yes the one with the mistress from last weeks shenanigans!)
Made some cordial small talk.
We had discussed a little bit of business before (read this post if you missed it).
So this was sort of looping back to that meeting before and business opportunities.
MrDentist also paid me a very nice compliment in front of my work colleague (amazing).
Then the colleague texting MrDentist after seeing us that said...
"stick with that girl I think I can make her richer than she already is" 
Seriously this dude doesn't even know me.
So much so that he has NO freaking clue my financial situation.
AND !!!! Earlier this week he suggested MrDentist hook up with one of the mistresses friends because she was ummm how do I put this ...
good to go?!

MrDentist inviting me to the Thompson tonight to spend the night.
It is technically a boys night.
So I declined instead and he drove me home. 
And he kissed me goodbye and today was filled with little kisses and big kisses and touches and wow am I ever falling hard for this guy.

So in trying to be cool...heck it is a Saturday night in Toronto surely a cool girl like myself could scrounge up some plans.
Quick  side rant...
how the F*ck am I sitting
alone in my condo right now
on a perfectly good
Saturday night seriously?!?!?!?!
So I message Val.
Who let me know that she had plans with Eva and Eva's husband tonight...
And I was like "okay cool" but what I really was thinking...ummm how come I didn't get the invite to join them?  Seriously is it that hard?!
Truth is it's because they obviously don't want me there.
And then I start to put things together.
Eva lives 15 minutes from me.
The closest of all the girls.
The last time we did something one on birthday (here).
And it's not from my lack of inviting her either.
And it all came flooding to me.
I still am searching for a key group of friends.
And I reached this sudden realization.
Perhaps I am slightly growing apart from the Waterloo girls.
I'm not in the same stage of life as they are.
I've spent so many years away from them that maybe the once a year visit is what I was meant for with them.
Do I sort of resign to this fact.
Do I gracefully sort of bow out of their friendships?
And this realization made me so super duper cranky.
The fact that they didn't feel that they could extend an invitation for me to join them tonight actually made me feel angry to be honest.

I miss my bestie Taylor (which is actually kind of a DOWN but...)
Her sparkly personality is infectious.
I have the BEST times with her.
And boy do I miss that.
And boy do I want to recreate that.
She is the one person who can make me feel great about myself.
She is the first person I want to talk to with any kind of news.
Also someone I can message about something and she responds with the PERFECT response.
Case and point.  I said something DUMB at lunch today that reminded me of our Vegas trip.
So I messaged Tay and started to tell MrDentist the story.
AS I'm telling the story Tay replies..."That is SO an in-and-out comment!" 
She totally gets me!

I'm a rollercoaster today.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tay's Guest Post...of our Toronto Weekend!

Let's all welcome Taylor and her first guest post on my blog...which is really me cutting and pasting from her blog because I'm too lazy when there is already this incredible post about it!  Some photos have been edited because I'm not quite up to the face showing stage of blogging...without further ado here is Tay's post on...
Taylor & Teagan Take Toronto

So after WAY too long between visits, 
I arrived to Canada to this GORGEOUS beauty:

We headed straight to her fabulous brand new condo,
where we sat and gabbed and giggled and gossiped for HOURS,
over a couple glasses of red wine,
until FOUR am.

The next morning we slept in,
Teagan made us a delicious HUGE home made apple cinnamon pancake,
with real canadian maple syrup,
and yummy coffee

(She's an amazing bestie!)

And we sat in our PJs and watched old clips of So You Think You Can Dance,
and other You Tube videos,
all day long.

And it was SO fun.

Around 4pm we decided we needed to get our booties up and get ready.
So we created a soundtrack for our weekend,
blared it through her speakers,
and sat and put on makeup and did our hair,

All while sipping Kir Royals.


Our first stop of the night was dinner at The Black Hoof.
A fun, unique place that Teagan found for us.
It's a charcuterie, where they serve very.....different....things.
Like horse, and tongue, and sweet breads, and brain, etc.

Gordon Ramsey raved about this place.

So, we gave it a shot.
What better bestie memories than eating brain??  haha

When we arrived there was a wait,
so we walked across the street to their bar.

Which was SO cute!
Totally my kind of bar.
Small and quaint, gorgeous decor, jazz music, and a great atmosphere.

Lavender Hound for Teagan
Flower of Peru for me.
(you know me and Pisco Sours!)

We attempted a self-portrait,
but the front camera came out so grainy,
and the back camera came out so dark.
(and it was way too close of a pic to use the flash!)
As we were almost finished with our drinks,
the restaurant called and our table was ready.

Over two glasses of pinot grigio we picked our dinner selections,
laughing and cringing the whole time
The restaurant was TINY!
Eight tables - all two-tops.

And the kitchen was ITTY BITTY!
I looked over and started laughing because the stove was one you would find in a home.
A white, four electric coil range with attached stove.
Typical apartment fare - and SO funny to see at a place like this!

In this pic, the kitchen starts at the break in the bar and ends at the left-hand side of this pic.
And thats IT for the kitchen.

The menu:
written on a chalkboard on the wall.

We started off with the house cured meats.
Left to right: duck prosciutto, beef salami, beef tongue bologna, beef summer sausage, and I forgot the last one.  But I think it was beef. 

We went left to right in tasting them, skipping the tongue and trying that last.

We toasted out tongue and took a bite.
I struggled with it bc of my head telling me it was tongue.
But after getting over that, I had a couple more bites.

All in all it was good but the tongue was both of our least favorite and not because it was tongue.
It just tasted like bologna.

My favorite was the summer sausage one.

Next dish:
smoked sweetbreads.

These were popular in Argentina, but I was too chicken to try them.
I'm glad I finally got to here,
and they were DEELISH!!

Our third dish was dungeness crab papprdelle.
It was topped with a duck egg yolk.

This was divine!

Our last item was the lamb neck and eggplant, but due to the time it took to bring the dishes one by one (small kitchen?), we ran out of time and had to go, so we cancelled that dish.

But it was fine, because we were full and had eaten enough "weird" foods for the night.

So then it was off to the Thompson Hotel.

One of Teagan's acquaintances (soon to be maybe more...wink wink), has access to the rooftop bar, her favorite spot in Toronto.

We arrived before they arrived,
so we had a couple glasses of bubbly at the lobby bar,

And halfway through, they showed up,
so when we finished, we headed to the top.

We weren't even there very long,
which was unfortunate, because I, too, LOVED the place.

The group wanted to go to a hip, new, happening club called Bloke & 4th.
So off we went.

We arrived to a MAD HOUSE.
And because of who we were with,
walked straight to the door,
and in to our table in the VIP.

We hung out there the rest of the night,
her and I laughing and dancing,
and just having a blast.

It was SO great being out with my bestie again.

The next day we slept in (again).
We finally got up and at 'em in time for lunch.

We headed to a nearby mall where we ate at Jack Astors.
I was SO excited to eat something so cliche-ly Canadian.  hehe

Burger and fries for Teagan
Fish and chips for me.

REALLY good!
Especially after a night of drinking.
(esp when you aren't used to liquor anymore and had 2 vodka drinks - blech.)

Then it was off to get our brows professionally done.
We went to Murale (kind of like their version of Sephora but the inside is nicer and less chaotic...kind of like duty free at the airport.)

There, we each got our brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar.
SO fun!

It was the first time I have ever had anything or anyone touch my eyebrows and I just LOVE it!
Being so blonde its almost impossible to even notice a difference,
but I can tell!

We then did a little more shopping.
Roots - to buy some goodies for The Architect
Aritzia - to buy goodies for Teagan and myself

We then headed back to her condo and decided to forgo another night out.
We, instead, ordered takeout Chinese and watched the Golden Globes at the theater in the lobby of her condo.

Perfect night!

The next day was the day I had to leave.
It just went too dang fast.

We headed to Yorkville for lunch,
and found an adorable italian spot.

We started with a bottle of pinot grigio,

then moved on to their in-house marinated olives,
and oven baked asiago.


For our entrees:

I had the pumpkin ravioli

and Teagan had the fettuccine bolognese

And just like that it was time to go to the airport.
Where I fought back tears trying so hard not to cry.
I hate living so far from such a perfect friend.
I just love her to death.

But on a positive note,
its SO fun visiting her in such a FABULOUS city!!!

I heart Toronto!!!

Teagan,  did I miss anything???

 Not at all Tay...not at all!
Love ya lots...come back super soon 'kay?