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Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday Date Night

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Saturday I went on a date night with MrMarble.
One of my work colleagues had set me up with him.
So he suggested we meet for coffee at Cafe Frappe on the Danforth.

Geez I almost sound like a Torontonian now.
It's in sort of the Greek part of Toronto.
We had a good conversation but not happening.

He was cute and nice but that is about all we had in common.
He went to school for Marketing and then went into the Marble/Granite business with his dad.
And though we were having a conversation I don't think there would be a future for us.

I love art and events and new restaurants and well rather snobby things.
I think he is looking for a wife to settle down and rent movies at home with.
While I don't mind doing this kind of thing once in awhile it is not something I think I would enjoy long term.
In all honesty we just didn't seem to have much in common.

He was nice.
He said I seemed American...which I wasn't really sure how to take to be honest.
People here tend to say that like it's a bad thing.
I kind of like that though because my American friends are pretty gosh darn amazing.
And you know what I think I'm starting to realize that I'm attracted to American men.
Like the southern gentleman or a guy that knows how to treat you like a woman.
I miss that.
Maybe that's why I find Canadian guys a little difficult to date.
Hmmm I'm essentially just "thinking out loud" as I write this.
Needless to say there was not enough to warrant a second date.


  1. Just wanted to let you know I read all your posts and am cheering you on! Love how you write all the details out to process them. You're the first blog I jump to these days :) . xo

  2. Oh well. His loss. On to the next!

  3. @PinkSunDrops- woah that is such an awesome compliment thank you thank you thank you!

    @A- bahahahaha LOVE your comment.

    I may have somehow gotten roped into a group date with him and my work colleague and her fiance...I need to learn how to say no!