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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Saturday night *As in not the rollercoaster of yesterday.

So how did I leave it off on last Friday (read here)...
Right me in MrDentist's arms cuddling in my room.
So we woke up ...a little tired...a little hungover...a little shy.

He invited me to go look at some condos with himself and his agent.
I quickly agreed (how fun does that sound...especially if I will hopefully in the future be in the market for a cool downtown condo!)
So he headed back to his room and I quickly showered.

Then we went to go look at some fabulous condos.
Seriously gorgeous.
And it was super fun.
Found myself looking at him thinking wow he is an amazing man.

Then I had to head to an alumni meeting in the afternoon.
So we parted at the Thompson...with a quick kiss on the lips and I practically skipped away.
And from the alumni meeting I hopped in my car to head to Kingston to hang with the girls in Jane's new house.
It was a fun group.
Myself, Jane, her husband, Eva, Val, Quinn and her newborn, and Sophie (from Winnipeg!!!) and her newborn.

We had a great time eating, drinking, and laughing it up.
Very low key.
We even dressed the babies up the same (they are about 5 weeks apart).
Little do they know they will basically have to become best friends!

I was the only one who slept over at Jane's
(most of the girls all have family that live around there).
Someone noted I was a bit quiet that evening.
I think I was overwhelmed from the craziness of the night before (if you missed it read here).
And feeling a little out of place with the group (for the first time ever)...
Anyway I woke up bright and early to head back to Toronto...
to be able to spend time with MrDentist...

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