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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chapter 1: Brave New World*

Chapter 1:  Brave New World...High School Dating

I always thought Gavin was cute.
It probably didn't hurt that he was the lead singer in the coolest band in school.
Kind of a mix of alternative/punk and they had real gigs and everything.

I was good friends with the drummer in the band. 
We would all hang out at the drummer's house because his dad was always away on business.
And one night when I was 17 a bunch of us girls and boys were sleeping over and having a party there.

Next thing you know we are talking and falling asleep on a couch together but not without a quick sweet peck goodnight.
I really can't remember how we officially started dating or how he actually asked me out.
I think we went to go see a movie together.
I went to see his band a few times.
One of the things that sticks out about him is that as usual I gave much more than I got.
And NOT in that way.
I used to pick him up and drop him off at work (he worked as a dishwasher at Outback).

I used to love listening to him play the guitar.
I was head over heels it was pure puppy love without ever having to actually use the word love.

I was in 12th grade...and had my first boyfriend yea!
That was the year I won MVP at the Athletic Banquet. 
Everything was working out perfectly.

We had been dating just over 3 months (long time for high school haha) when he asked me to go to prom :)
Of course I said yes...then he said he would get the prom tickets but couldn't afford anything else.
And I guess this is where some of my "stuff" comes from...I was just SO SO SO very excited that I was like "its okay I'm not with you for your money...I will cover everything else". 
You see no one taught me "the rules".
You see in my head I thought sweet he is being honest and really wants to do everything associated at prom but really couldn't afford it all... so I should help.

I was working part time and saved my pennies.
So I booked the limo and paid the deposit.
Got this great strapless black satin dress.
Booked my hair and nail appointment.
Ordered a boutonniere for him.
And reveled in the countdown to prom.
What could possibly go wrong?

I learned 3 weeks before prom with a late phone call...

I was studying for a chemistry quiz.
He called and said he didn't want me to be his girlfriend anymore.
I remember I cried.
He said "don't cry".
I said "what about prom".
He said "I never picked up the tickets anyway"...(this actually is important because our strict Catholic school sold tickets up to 4 weeks before prom and no later...I'm not sure why but those were the rules).
I was devastated.

I would for sure lose the deposit on the limo.
But that was the least of my concerns
Because I realized if I don't have tickets I can't go to prom!
I can't even participate in the worst-embarrassment in high school (going to prom solo).
Now I won't even get to go to my own high school prom!

To be continued...


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