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Friday, December 3, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses you COULD actually wear again.

Soooo part of me being tough and strong.  Was when Eva invited me along with her bridesmaids to go look at Bridesmaid dresses.  So we all got ready Sunday morning and had a lovely brunch at Eva's place.  It was delicious...then the three of us coffee drinkers when to go get a ridiculously over priced holiday latte from Starbucks.  The three coffee drinkers are myself, Quinn, and J.  And I only broke down and cried once in the car on the way to the first store with Quinn and J.  Which means I avoided the embarrassment of making Eva feel bad which I definitely did NOT want to do.  So we go into the first store...Windsor Bridal which has bar none the SH*TTIEST service I have ever experienced in a bridal store EVER.  From multiple people I have heard the same thing.  From J previously having a lady tell her she was basically too fat to wear a certain dress and then try to force her out of the dressing room with the dress around her chest! To being told you could only try on 8 dresses during one visit.  The first part that was hard for me was seeing the Flower girl dresses that I picked out for my Flower Girls...which I will post all under a new post of my now cancelled wedding stuff.  So everything at Windsor Bridal was very "bridemaid-y" and the one dress we liked had a ridiculously low dipping sweetheart neckline.  Some of Eva's bridemaids have great racks but maybe a little risque for what she was looking for.  Then we tried to venture to Ritche bridal but they were closed on Sunday.  Then Eva suggested we go to Yorkdale Mall to look at regular stores...and I was like "yes I think they have a BCBG store too!"  So off we go...and try Bebe first...where all their dresses definitely wouldn't cover a butt like mine or Eva's EVER.  Then we got to BCBG and they found such CUTE dresses that were way better made than any of the bridesmaid dresses we had seen thus far.  All the girls looked great...and this weekend everything was 30% off.  So score Eva got to cross that one off her list.  Here is what they look like...STUNNING!

She is going to pair them with Fuchsia shoes ...(another idea we had the exact same because we are two peas in a pod!)  They are all going to look SOOOO good.  I'm very excited for her May wedding.

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  1. First off, you are an AMAZING friend to go do something like that!

    And LOVE that dress! Because that is NOT a bridesmaid dress. Makes it even BETTER!!!