Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Daily Gratitude thingy

Okay well I have another hour (which is shorter by an hour of my usual work day).
And I know I promised to do the gratitude thing daily at least for a month.
I will have to write down some while I'm away as I'm not sure anyone will bring a lap top.
So I will make sure to get this one down today.

Okay here we go...

Today I am grateful

1. That the gas station attendant at the first gas station told me not to put crap gas in my car and to drive 2 km down the road for the right fuel for my car. 
2.  The fact that I can use work time to get gas if needed so that I can travel to Toronto even faster!
3.  That my brother is taking care of my dog so I didn't have to put him in a Dog Hotel which makes me nervous and I have yet to have to do that.
4.  That one of the secretaries at work makes an effort to speak to me about daily things (like nonsense things but fun to take a break and chat).

That is it for today.
I'm off to Toronto then the Lake House for New Years Eve.
Thank goodness 2010 will be done with and a brand new 2011 to begin.

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