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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chapter 5: Hi, Society!

Okay so more back on track with my ExBoyfriend Project.
So where was I...Cammy and I were as close as friends could be.
I was dumped 3 weeks before prom by Gavin.
Now I had a lunch date with Nathan (who was a potential knight in shining armour/prom date).

I was terrified...I didn't run with this crowd. 
In fact half of what appeared to be Nathan's close girl friends were kicked off the cheerleading team the past couple of years.

What the heck did he want to do with me.
And what would I wear...

Turns out I wore a navy blue spagetti strap dress (with a cardigan because at our school spagetti straps were NOT allowed).
I was so nervous and especially because every possible lunch place close to our school was ALWAYS crowded with students...especially the cool ones.
Nathan was really sweet and nice he drove me to the Pizza place which was crowded and it felt like everyone turned and stared and went silent when we went in.
I could practically hear their thoughts
...what is Nathan doing with her?
What is going on I mean she may be a cheerleader but that just isn't THAT cool anymore?
At least she doesn't have braces anymore....
So weird I wonder what Nikki (Nathan's ex-girlfriend and a "popular girl") will say when she hear's this! get the idea.

Luckily Nathan broke the ice with everyone and we grabbed pizza to go (because there is no way we would do any talking with everyone dying to know what we were saying).
He was nice and pretty funny....totally different then the brooding sensitive singer Gavin...which was a nice change of pace.  It made me a little uncomfortable like a cross between me trying to be on my best behaviour and yet somehow trying to exhude "coolness".  I can't say he was the brightest but he was cool and a jock and he made me laugh.  We talked about a bunch of high school topics and hit it off enough that as we headed back to school for class he asked me to hang out with him, Cammy and Dave to watch a movie that weekend.

I can't remember what the movie was but I do remember it was fun.  And Nathan was nice to me...didn't rush to try and kiss me.  Also he was a gentlemen (or at least was acting like it) and really I enjoyed hanging out with him.  I remember he worked for a security company on the weekend as a securty guard at a local hotel so later that weekend we (Cammy, Dave and I) went to visit him and bring him coffee.

Things kind of moved at a whirlwind (but still Teagan) pace.  The weekend before prom Dave and Nathan invited us to a cottage that they had rented with all their friends.  I was against it but Cammy wanted to go.  We finally came to a compromise.  Cammy's brother lived in that small beach town where the cottage was.  I agreed to go IF we stayed with Cammy's brother and NOT at the cottage.

Off we went to the weekend and it was...interesting. 
It was kind of weird and uncomfortable because there was about 20 people at this mansion like cottage.  It was gorgeous and right on the lake.  I was incredibly nervous like we shouldn't be there even though we were invited.  I remember sitting on the back deck and looking at one of the other guys girlfriends...she was absolutely incredibly gorgeous.  She looked like a frigging Barbie doll!  How on earth did I fit in here?  But people were polite enough (at least to my face).  I did feel uncomfortable because honestly I felt like I didn't really belong.  I mean at least no one out and out was rude or mean to me. 

Then Cammy disappeared into a room with Dave.  And I was not about to let that bad thing happen again (though now a span of about 2 years had passed).  So I was in the hall pounding on the door being like "Cammy your brother is expecting us and its after midnight and we have to go"...Nathan tried really gently to tell me to lay off and leave them alone but I wasn't having it.  About 15 minutes later a VERY happy Dave came out of the room and a red faced Cammy.  We went to her brothers place without any further incident.  I was a little upset but really we were both getting older and we had to make our own decisions.

That week was the week before prom and Nathan had checked and gotten the OK from school officials to get late tickets to prom.  Yippee!  And he asked if it was okay if he asked me to go to prom.  Of course I said yes.  Also of note I was so busy doing all these new activities with the high society crowd of my school I barely noticed Gavin was gone and it's not like he tried to call or contact me really so I was just going about getting excited to go to prom.  

The Monday before prom I had just gotten home from cheerleading practice and was just getting out of the shower when Nathan called.  We chatted about a few things and then my doorbell rang and he was like "ok I will let you go so you can get that".  So I go to the door and on the doorstep is this kid...(probably like a ninth grader with slicked back hair and a vest on with a red shirt and bow tie and jeans...kind of odd looking).  With 48 red roses and a card.  He kind of stammered something about the flowers were for me.  And in the card was a really nice note from Nathan asking me to "officially" go to prom with him.  I was happy and excited.  He called me back thinking it was hysterical to get his neighbour to dress up and drop off the flowers. (I guess I didn't get how it was that funny ...but whatever).  We made our official plans.  We were going to go with 9 other couples on a city bus they had rented.  It was apparently not cool to rent a limo(phew maybe it wasn't a bad thing that I lost a deposit on a very "uncool" boring limo).  There was a pre-party at Ashley's house (one of the premiere popular girls), Nathan would pick me up at home in his car and we would leave it at Ashley's place.  He also reminded me about the after party that year and to make sure I was staying over...a point I had been arguing with my parents for practically the whole year in advance. 

The after party was in a field on this kid Rob's parents farm.  Most of the boy's had headed there during the day to set up tents and coolers etc.  There were portapotties rented for the party and my friend the drummer and Gavin's good friend was set to DJ.  All and all it was going to be a great night.  I felt super comforable because I thought there was no way possible people would do "it" so close to everyone and in a tent (ick!)  It was a long argument that I had had with my parents...but somehow they allowed me to go.  I don't think anyone DIDN'T attend.  It was set to be a big night...some argue prom night is the biggest night of your life...I had no idea what was about to happen.  I certainly did not expect to be the centre of a whole lot of drama that night...

To be continued...
xoxo Teagan

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