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Friday, December 3, 2010

Wacked Out Dreams

So here's a tidbit about Teagan...(did I TOTALLY just speak about myself in 3rd person?! I must be losing my mind.)
Whenever I am feeling highly stressed I have super hallucinogenic dreams.  Like vivid stressful dreams where I can feel my heart pounding and my mind racing.

Last nights dream.  I was in Bali (starts off great right?)  with my cousin Bella. 
Bella had never been there before and since I have been more than once during my year working in Asia.
So we were going to this party on the beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
We met 2 guys who I have met in Bali before (a Canadian and an American).
We were all gambling and won a TON of money from these Europeans and just having a grand ole time drinking Araq.

Side Note:
Bali is in Indonesia.
One of my most favourite favourite places in the world.
I will have to definitely dedicate a post to it.
I have been there by myself and with PH.
There is a drink there called Araq.

Tourists visiting Bali always find the island intoxicating, especially for those who try the locally brewed traditional alcohol, arak. Arak, Bali’s pride and joy of spirits, is a colorless and sugarless beverage, distilled from palm sap or rice, with a 20 to 50 percent alcohol content. With its high alcoholic content, arak drinkers do not need long to begin feeling its effects kick in.
Arak-intoxicated tourists went so far as to coin the phrase arak attack, now adopted as the name for a popular cocktail consisting of orange juice and arak as Prodita Sabarini explains.
“The phrase ‘arak attack‘ first emerged in the 1980s when Australian tourists tried our local drink,” local arak producer Fa’Udiyana spokesman Wayan Sila Sayana said.
The sudden and intense effect of the alcohol content in arak felt like an attack, hence the term ‘arak attack‘, Sila said.

The first time I visited Bali a bunch of tourists had been killed because the Arak was blended with methanol to make it stronger.  I didn't know THIS fact until after I had consumed some the ENTIRE week.  Oops.
25 people died around the time I was in Bali.

So anyway we were supposed to go home with the Canadian and American guy but they got abducted by the Europeans who we had just won a lot of money from.
The Europeans didn't know Bella and I actually had all the money.
So then we were left to stay with locals (who are known to be super super friendly-good thing too!)
So I'm in the bathroom with Bella being like "okay" just in case lets put the money in our underwear.
And then could not sleep the whole night.
Then we had to negotiate to get some scooters to get back to the main touristy area again! 
That was the end of my idea what happened to us or the guys.
So completely and utterly random.

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