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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chapter X-39: The Law of Attraction

Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2011
So I was frustrated and mad at myself...wondering why I am putting myself in this position.

Then later that night...

10:02 PM Jacob: its the law of attraction lol
10:03 PM me: Huh?
 Jacob: you attract into yr life what u think abt
10:04 PM we think of each other so talk to each other
 me: Oh ok
 Jacob: read stuff and that came up
10:05 PM me: So then how then do we think of each other (what is that cause)Does it explain that?
10:06 PM Jacob: because we are sending vibrations to each other bc we think of each other

I think he must be reading "the Secret" or something like that

 me: But why do we think of each other in the first place
10:08 PM Jacob: you know
 me: Nope
  I wish I did
 Jacob: feeling
 me: Feeling?
10:09 PM Jacob: feelings
 me: So we think about each other bc of feelings and that makes us talk to each other?
10:10 PM I still don't get what starts the thinking part...sigh
10:11 PM Jacob: bc there is attraction and feelings

So we have current attraction and feelings??? Hmmm

 me: I hate not fully understanding/grasping something
  Annoying :P
 Jacob: k
10:16 PM Jacob: Once these thoughts, with the aid of a catalyst, reach our subconscious mind, they become a feeling. The subconscious mind then intensifies this feeling until it becomes all-consuming desire, and this desire drives us to our destination, regardless of obstacles.
10:17 PM me: So what you're saying is I'm screwed and not in a good way haha
 Jacob: how so
 me: Nevermind
10:18 PM Jacob: ?
10:19 PM me: I want to know my destination
  I dont.
10:20 PM Jacob: ?

I don't feel like getting into this.  After him sending likely a quote from a book he is reading.  I do want to know my destination.  Is he saying I'm becoming an "all-consuming desire"?  And where would this "desire" drive us to...meeting up?  Ughhh I really don't want to get into this at this time...Sooooo I'm ending this conversation.

 me: Anywho I have to jump in the shower I'm sweaty from spinning
10:21 PM Jacob: k
 me: Night
 Jacob: bye
 me: Bye

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