Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm so happy that I am a...

So even though sometimes I feel like I'm in that deep dark pit of a hole... there are beacons of lights and a many ropes if not rope ladders thrown down by my friends.  I have had constant daily support from Taylor.  Only a few short weeks ago I got a special package in the mail...of course on a particular day that I felt horrible.  The thing that probably means the most is that it made me think...wait for is a totally weird conclusion...what I thought was...

maybe I'm not such a horrible person if these people are doing these things for me

I know it seems rather pathetic.  However, when you are rejected in such a cold callous way I think that everyone would look at themselves and I must be this awful worthless person to be treated like this.  On the flip side I've been reading different things/blogs/etc. that talk about you only feel as bad as you allow yourself to feel (ie. empowering the person who is makes you feel bad and all that other self-help guru stuff).  So back to making this positive.

It was a FABULOUS surprise.  Tons of gorgeous jewellery.  One of the most touching things was the cards...that is right the first card I knew would be amazing because it was from Taylor and made me laugh and cry all at the same time. 
I got this awesome new collection of jewellery.

Some of our favourite things were all showcased.  The fleur de lis bangle, owl necklace, key necklace, and two bright and beautiful necklaces that really brighten my mood.

The earring!  Owls (one of our symbols) and dangly earring which I definitely desperately needed.

But this is how great of a friend Taylor is...she must have said something at an alumni meeting (that I miss terribly!!!)  These notes were so incredible I thought I would share these messages so that I could also look back on them when I needed to be reminded.  The were beautiful from the simple birthday wishes to more detailed messages of hope and love.  Each were equally important in lifting me up.

Wishin you a very happy and wonderful day for your birthday.

Very Happy Birthday!  I wish you nothing but the best.   I hear all wonderful things about you.   This sister is always here for you! Hope your birthday is amazing.

Some friends are just special and time without talking never matters!  We just pick up where we left off!  I think we were drunk at my house! Ha!  I hoep you have a very happy birthday!  Miss you girl!

Thinking about and praying for you !  You are missed in Texas, sending a BIG Texas hug your way!

Hoping this note finds you enjoying your birthday!  Sure miss seeing your smiling face dear friend!

I hope you have an amazing bday!  I wish we could all be there to celebrate.  I will have a drink for you.  I don'ot know what all is going on, but I know how strong you are & I know you will get through it.  Hang in there.  Even when things feel impossible there is always a way and hope.  Things will turn around.  Find something to occupy your time & something that makes you happy.  I love you!  If you need anything call or email.

And just like that I felt something different in the pit of my stomach...the ache wasn't so bad the hurt not so sharp.  Geez I sure do need to write these ladies a thank you note.  And that is why I am so greatful for the opportunities being part of such an amazing sorority has presented me with.  To know I can lean on them for support when I need it certainly feels like much less of a burden to bear.  Of course Taylor knew just how to lift me up or at least shine a little light on.