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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chapter X-22: Things a mama don't know*

So get this...
Okay we arranged to have my things picked up from Spencer's place (a country away ...may as well be a world away).  Spencer wasn't there but his dad was but didn't say ANYTHING to my parents.  My mom said he looked very uncomfortable.  He was 5 minutes late but pulled up in time to open the garage (where everything was neatly piled up of mine).

My mom was going through all my stuff ( would you like you mom to pick through everything that was your whole life packed into 3 suitcases and 3 small boxes living overseas for MORE than a year...and seeing as I packed them in April/May I can't even remember what is in them!) that she picked up from Spencer's place.

My mom went through ALL of my stuff...some minor stuff broken (like the frame of my diploma...I think it was a $300 frame but what can you do?) AND my mom found his army medal (that he had given me) and tried to call him to ask what he would like to be done with it...seeing as they are there they could drop it off at his parents place etc. (ie. still trying to be cordial and as pleasant as possible in this very unpleasant situation).

My mom called from their friends phone which would appear like a local number to him instead of a long distance Canada phone number.  Spencer must be screening his calls but since he didn't recognize it he called RIGHT back.  Except when my mom answered (she has a pretty easy to recognize accent) he HUNG UP!
Then she called him back and left him a message where she told him that she didn't appreciate him hanging up on her because she wants NOTHING from him and just wanted to know what to do with the medal she found of his.

So then she wanted to know what to do with it.  I said well bring it here...I'm sure he forgot to pack some of my stuff (and maybe this would be a bargaining chip?? Who know maybe he had 100 of these that he used to lie to women I'm having a hard time believing anything he told me)  but I won't know if I'm missing anything until I get a chance to go through it all.  Seriously how immature can you get???  He is such a liar.  What a tool!  I am glad in a way because my mom is able to see what I am dealing with (unanswered phone calls and hang ups and 0 explanation) because at least they will know I'm not crazy or lying myself because this story/his behaviour is almost too ridiculous to believe.

I will keep you posted

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