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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chapter S-11 : The Birthday Curse

November 2009

Y'all I am cursed around my birthday.
Its the truth and you will see it when I this whole ExBoyfriendProject is complete.
My birthday = bad luck.

So on my birthday I awoke feeling much worse and I had to literally crawl to the bathroom.
I couldn't stand up at all.
I obviously called in sick to work.

I pretty much slept the whole day.
I messaged Spencer early on to let him know I was home sick.
It was a good thing because he quickly scrambled off the phone because...

He was sending me these beauties.

They were the most beautiful flowers I have ever received.
They were perfect and beautiful and I was so super excited.
And that is when I thought my birthday curse might just be lifted...
I was wrong but I wouldn't realize that until the following year.

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