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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Party Dress

So one of my girl friends from the CanadaCrew recommended a website called ModCloth.
Have you heard of it?
They had this massive 70% sale so I thought it would be a good time to check it out.

And y'all!!!!!!!

I'm such a dress girl...I would wear dresses every single day if I could.
So you could imagine I was having a field day!

I had to narrow it down (so hard).
And these were the final pics.
Also shipping was $14.95 (SO good for US to Canada) and no duty or taxes (score!!!)

The Painted Lady Dress
The Goldleaf Glamour Dress
The Perfect in Petals Dress
The Sea and Santorini Dress
I loved this dress because of the back!
Clearly I love bows and polka dots.
And my fav...The Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress
So 5 dresses for under $200!
Ummm yes please.
It's going to be a summer full of dresses.
Now only if this weather will cooperate!

All pics from modcloth website.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Passport to Prana

Pic from here
So in wanting to be more active in 2013 (ummm who doesn't?) I got a passport to prana.
Also after being in a bathing suit all day yesterday...feeling like I need to put in some hardcore gym time.
Not feeling the greatest about how I'm looking at all.
Thank goodness for the cold weather here right now so I can hide under winter layers lol.

So have you heard of Passport to Prana?
Which is amazing and reasonable if you actually use it.
So it was $30 (+ tax in Ontario + shipping) which came to $37.57 which grants you ONE class in each studio listed (in Toronto there are about 70 studios).
It expires one year after you activate it.

So I'm going tonight (Sunday) to unwind before the start of the week.
So right now this one class cost me $37.57.
I'll keep you posted as I'm (hopefully) able to bring the price per class lower and lower.

My bargain for myself is to attend at least 3 classes in the year.
Which would make each of the 3 classes $12.52 (cheaper than any drop in regular price class in the city).
Which is how I justified buying the Passport to Prana.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Spa Saturday

So I told you I was up early Saturday...
And it was because we were headed to the spa.
Which spa?
Le Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario!

It's about 2 hours north of Toronto.
So we loaded up a car load of girls from my sorority alumni and headed north.

And it was amazing!
The sequence of what you're supposed to do is HOT THERAPY (hot tub/steam room/sauna).
Body Warming
Pic from the official website.
The Eucalyptus Steam Room pic from the official website.
Followed by a COLD PLUNGE (pools/snow (seriously welcome to Canada)).
And finally follow that with relaxing in one of the relaxation rooms or outdoor fireplace.
And simply repeat as much as you like.

It was pretty busy...and just gorgeous.
I would love to take some of my Texas girls (like Taylor and PinkSunDrops) to experience this because I'm guessing they haven't done anything like this.
These were two of the hot can see where you hang the robes and towels.
The snow covered roof to the left of the silo housed one of the relaxation rooms.  The silver silo was a Eucalyptus steam room.  The pool to the right was one of the cold plunge pools 55F.
Hard to tell but there is a fire pit at the top of the picture surrounded by Muskoka/Adirondack chairs.

Gives you a better idea of one of the fire pit things picture from the official website.
We even sat in chairs covered in should see our faces in THAT picture lol!
After that we had a quick snack of fruit/cheese/crackers before heading back to Toronto.
Laurel invited me out for dinner with her fiance and B so I joined.

We went to The Works Burger Bar.

pic from here
It was a fairly good burger place.
And I would go back.
However I get that they were trying to do something different with their glasses but I didn't love the measuring cup idea.

After a full on spa day (and I think it's quite hilarious that we finished it with burgers lol how healthy!)
I was beat and just headed home to relax.
A simply great Saturday!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

unexpected delivery

So remember when I wrote about it being the end of things with MrRealtor.
Well on Friday at work I was running around keeping busy when...
These came...

Y'all know I detest getting flowers at work.
I wouldn't mind if I was married etc. BUT because it increases staff gossip.

And it's embarrassing.
ESPECIALLY with this card attached NOT in a freaking envelope.

Don't you think if the florist reads this then CLEARLY it should have gone in an envelope?
Anyway it was HUMILIATING.
I mean you know where I live why not send them to my home? I didn't respond.
And I went to sleep fairly early on Friday because the weather was horrible and I had a fun filled day for Saturday (more about that later).

And when I woke up at 6:45am I realized I had some unanswered messages on my phone.

Seriously a phone call drunk dial at 2:19AM?
And a text later.
Yup unanswered because I don't even know how to respond.
Why can't the guys I like be this persistent?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Closing Doors to Open New Ones

Y'all a final update (I think) on MrRealtor.
So I told you here how I finally broke things off on that Sunday (read here)
(even though he didn't get that).

As evidence of the email the next day.
And then I told you all about these texts a few days later (read here if you missed it).
Well a few days later I got these texts...

Which drove me nuts to the point that I thought I better call him.
Which is why I agreed to call him.
So how frustrated was I when he tried to bully me into meeting up with him...because that's what HE would rather do.

I didn't I called him.

But the guy would NOT listen.
To the point where I was blunt and like "this is not going anywhere".
After I thought I was quite clear and finished the conversation....
I got this text from him.
Read the top box (the next one is clearly from the next day).

And then the next day this (all unanswered by the way).

Seriously WTF.
I hope you didn't mean what you said last night?
I mean WHAT?
So I think I won't reply.
I mean I know he asked me to but this is just getting ridiculous.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Every song on the radio

You know when you're in that goofy phase of a crush or in the deepest depths of heartache and things sort of just speak to you???
Like every song on the radio makes you think of things...
Obviously my newest obsession TV show is Washington Heights (like I mentioned before).
And this last episode ughhhhhhhhh totally spoke to me.
I told you how the episode before two friends for years hooked up.

And the girl approached the boy about how she felt.
And it is EXACTLY how I feel about ummm a certain boy.
After crappy small talk and her trying to just spit it out she finally gets into it.

"its just like ...there's this ummm...what's the word?
for lack of  a better term... like vulnerability
and you ...not that you're not complete within yourself 
because you are and that's like what makes me want to pick your brain so much about stuff
there's like a little me shaped hole... 
somewhere in there
and I'd love to fill that space...
I feel like it would be a lot easier to do it as your friend 
but it would be a lot more fun to do it as more...
you follow?"

And it just SPOKE to me.
I totally get that.
It's what I'm thinking about my classmate from New Years...
Except without actually saying or doing anything about it.
I'm cool just continuing to be his friend but it sure would be a heck of a lot more fun being more.

Frankie and Ludwin
The couple from the show and clearly the classmate is just like him...super good looking, cool dresses well and I can't be the obvious grinning infatuated girl...sigh...pic from here
And I know what I should (and what I am) doing CLEARLY is trying to forget about the classmate.
But some things just make me think about him.
Darn it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sock Bun Fun

So this past Sunday I met up with Quinn and Val for brunch.
Well actually it was supposed to me Quinn and I and then Quinn suggested we invite Val.
Which I seriously have NO problem with except...when they get together I don't get an invite.
But I'm trying to just not think about that.

So I wanted to try and do something fun for my hair.
I had been dying to try the sock bun.
So I of course youtubed videos.  
I settled on this one not due to the quality but because of the comparison of the way she did it.
So I used a sock and it really didn't take that long.
And the final result...(ignore the random cleavage lol).

Anywho we decided to meet at this cute place called Stoney's Bread Company in Oakville (the half way point between Quinn and I).
Pic from here
Super cute place.
And when you go there you order and then sit down.
Which actually seems to work great with a busy Sunday crowd.

Pic from here
Super darling place.
We luckily grabbed the front corner booth in the warm sunshine.
Pic from here
So we snuggled in with coffees.
And started catching up.

Breakfast was delicious I had the Stoney's omelette.

Quinn was so sweet and had been holding on to my birthday gift since November.
Some nice warm plaid darling.
Pic form here
After that I basically just went home and cleaned up and did laundry etc.
But it was a lovely start to a lazy Sunday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So it is suuuuuuuuuuuuper freezing here.
Which makes me miserable lol.
This morning when I checked my phone here's what the weather looked like.

Yup brrrrrrrr is right!
This weather also makes me procrastinate and also hungry.
Random combination I know.

So here was a picture of my last night.

I know my life is super exciting lol.
I'm definitely finding myself daydreaming about visiting somewhere warm.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another book club meeting

Before we knew it it was time for book club again.
I always look forward to it.
So glad we came up with this idea for the cold winter months.

As usual amazing things were had.
This month's book was A Street Cat Named Bob.

Our opinions were split right down the middle.
The three who had cats growing up LOVED it.
The three of us who did not have cats/dog people didn't like it at all.
Obviously we are super cool and happen to like charts and graphs lol!

But who cares?!
Books club is really an excuse for us to eat, drink, and chat.

Our theme was English cute is this setup?

Apparently this is a British thing (says our British expat friends)....we weren't sure if they were pulling our legs!

British candies

Scotch Eggs...there is no actual Scotch in them...they are eggs wrapped in sausage

My obsession Nadege bakery and their Salted Caramel Tarte...AMAZINGNESS!

Can't wait until the next one.
Though I'm a wee bit nervous because I'm hosting.
Can you believe the girls (who ALL live downtown I know I'm super jealous!) are all coming up to my area?!
Mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"If you really love Christmas..."

So I finally took Friday night to take down my Christmas tree while I watched movies and trashy TV in the I said my newest obsession Washington Heights...and oh my goodness the last episode had friends for years hooking up...and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe it made me think of New Years Eve lol.

Moving on lol.
So time to take down the Christmas tree.
Not sure if you remember last years post.

I shared some Christmas ornaments.

So I thought I would share some more.

This fun red honour Taylor's 2nd Trip to Toronto!

We wrote all our adventures on the back!
You can read about that trip here.

This is the fun angel Laurel gave me this year!

Two of my favourite things...Keys and Fleur de Lis
I changed the ribbon on my tree to a fun preppy plaid and I LOVED it!

This little one was for my dog (gosh I miss him dearly).

A gifted paddle as I used to help out with a Dragon Boat team when I lived in Singapore.

This ornament...well MrRealtor bullied me into getting an ornament with him once I told him of my tradition of picking ornaments for special times/memories/travel...and he insisted on getting one when we went wine tasting once.  He didn't take the hint when I didn't hang it on my tree.  So he did one day without me realizing...super annoying.  But don't have to worry about that anymore.

Last year's Christmas post.

And I'm not sure if you remember my yearly goals I had in for 2011.
And I didn't reveal my 2012 goals...
Until now.
As you recall I keep it in a special ornament (see last years post above!).

So here they were...

So how did I do?

Definite Fail at the first and second one.
I think I passed the third one.
The fourth goal was a sort of pass.  I had more romance but love...well not so much.
I super passed goal five with Eight Trips (all the USA but that still counts as out of the country right???
Trip #1 NYC, Trip#2 Buffalo, Trip #3 Florida, Trip #5 Chicago, Trip#6 Dallas, Trip #7 Ann Arbor, Trip #8 Florida
And the sixth and final how I dream of the Burberry day.

So 2013...what will it be?

I'm setting my goals right now and am definitely open to suggestions :)

So with that..."if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow"  Billy Hack ~ Love Actually