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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taco Tuesday

Val and I finally had a chance to catch up this past Tuesday.
So we decided to hit up a place we had heard about but hadn't a chance to try yet.
So we headed on over to the trendy Queen Street West.

So we went to Grand Electric...know for their Tacos and Bourbon (I know awesome right?!).
When we got there they let us know it would be about 45 minutes.
So we decided to grab a drink at a near by bar.
(Grand Electric is too small and too jam packed to even be able to sit at the bar and grab a drink).
Pic from here
So with that we headed down the street to Cadillac Lounge.
Pic from here
We ordered one of our fav's Gin and Tonic's and quickly caught up.
I filled Val in on my New Year's Eve adventure and MrRealtor drama.
And before we knew it it was time to head to Grand Electric.
And it was jam packed.

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Their menu was up on a chalk board and it was super hard to pick!

Pic from here
So we got a bunch of amazing things!
We started with the Guac/Salsa/Chips.

Then it was on to the recommended fish tacos.

And then a sampling of the Pork, Spicy Arbol Chicken and Beef Cheek tacos.

And finally the cheese fundido (and we may have ordered it because it sounded fun...yes Val and I are that cheesy lol)!

We would have loved to try one of the bourbon drinks but alas we keep it to a one drink max when we have to time for sure.
Overall it was AMAZING and totally worth the wait.
Definitely one of my Toronto favs.

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