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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sock Bun Fun

So this past Sunday I met up with Quinn and Val for brunch.
Well actually it was supposed to me Quinn and I and then Quinn suggested we invite Val.
Which I seriously have NO problem with except...when they get together I don't get an invite.
But I'm trying to just not think about that.

So I wanted to try and do something fun for my hair.
I had been dying to try the sock bun.
So I of course youtubed videos.  
I settled on this one not due to the quality but because of the comparison of the way she did it.
So I used a sock and it really didn't take that long.
And the final result...(ignore the random cleavage lol).

Anywho we decided to meet at this cute place called Stoney's Bread Company in Oakville (the half way point between Quinn and I).
Pic from here
Super cute place.
And when you go there you order and then sit down.
Which actually seems to work great with a busy Sunday crowd.

Pic from here
Super darling place.
We luckily grabbed the front corner booth in the warm sunshine.
Pic from here
So we snuggled in with coffees.
And started catching up.

Breakfast was delicious I had the Stoney's omelette.

Quinn was so sweet and had been holding on to my birthday gift since November.
Some nice warm plaid darling.
Pic form here
After that I basically just went home and cleaned up and did laundry etc.
But it was a lovely start to a lazy Sunday.

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