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Monday, January 7, 2013

almost another picture to burn

So last night I had a get together with MrRealtor to close things off.
Put the final nail in the coffin if you will.
And we talked round and round in circles.

And I somehow ended up with these...

I'm the worst break-upper ever.

He leaves for the Caribbean tomorrow morning for a bachelor party for 5 days.
So it is delayed a little while longer.
Y'all I suck at breaking up.

Like literally there was a point where I was ummm have you ever seen the movie the breakup?
(He hadn't).
And I said "oh...well there's this part when she want's him to help her clean up but she WANT him to WANT to help her to clean up only the guy is like "who in their right mind want's to clean up"" anddddddddd he still didn't get it.

And how I know I just should have bit the bullet.
I didn't really want to kiss him.
And I seriously dreamed about kissing my classmate.

PS if you've never seen The Break Up's the trailer has that part in it.

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