Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just another random Wednesday...

It's just another random Wednesday here.
As the fun from the holidays settle and the winter blahs start to creep in here in Canada.
I LOATHE January-March here.

So with that I set about day dreaming of trips this year that I'm trying to do...
Remember this post last year???
How funny looking back on it now?!

I ended up in Florida over Easter and Christmas in 2012.
Over the long weekend in May Brooke and Jane came to Toronto but that meant I spent July long weekend in Kingston.  I ended up in Ottawa for Winterlude.
The July trip to Chicago (to see a certain handsome sailor aka Taylor's brother) ended up missing him due to getting food poisoning while on the most random 24 trip ever to Chicago with MrDentalSurgeon.
September 2012 in Dallas was BLISS!
And it was a September (versus October) in Ann Arbor where I got to meet the gorgeous and fun SoMidwestern (despite meeting her tipsy and then hung over lol...I hope to be much more fun the next time I'm in Ann Arbor!)
So what could be in store for 2013...well here are some possibilities...

Perhaps a trip to Hartford, Connecticut for a conference with Laurel...
Pic from here
That we may parlay into a trip to Boston, MA (I've never been to either!)

Pic from here
Perhaps another fun fling to Miami??? (a girl can only fantasize hope lol)
Pic from here
Dallas is a promise...I've got an adorably beautiful niece (I'm forever going to refer to her as my niece because Taylor is the sister I always wanted lol) to hold and rock!
Pic from here
Hopefully another trip to Ann Arbor for a game...if Will will have me lol.
He is in a new relationship so has fallen quiet the last little while (which usually happens).
But if I'm making the call...he's marrying this one.
So UM for a game hopefully!
Seriously their campus is like the movies!!! Pic from here
I would like to get out of North America as well...
So any low cost budget friendly ideas??? or how about a travel partner or two???
Just putting it out there lol...


  1. I can see my house!

    (Well, kinda...I could put a dot over it:-) Oh, also, Hi...I found you from So Midwestern and have been reading for a bit, but didn't think to comment until now.)

    1. How fun that you can see your house. And how lucky are you to live there! I love it there :)

    2. bad...forgot to mention which picture:-) I live in Boston, right in the section of short buildings to the lower right of the financial district in that picture...

    3. How awesome! Well if Laurel and I go there I know who to ask for recommendations of dining and entertainment then for sure :) It will be both our first trips to Boston.

  2. After seeing Young House Love's pictures from Miami, I can't WAIT to go to Miami!! Crossing fingers ;) . Oh, and how I would LOVE to be your travel partner. If only I was in a space in life to do so!!

    Left you a Liebster Award on my blog! I had fun with it, and thought you might, too :) .

    1. Hopefully we can sort something out soon to travel.
      I'm thinking I'm going to Dallas over Labor day weekend again just to give you the heads up. But I think we should do a Florida getaway all together for sure :) I'm going to head over to your blog and check it out. Thanks doll! xo