Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well remember when I asked you for your opinion here?
Saturday was the day.
And the big decision time.
So clearly I was very nervous.

I love my hair stylist she is AMAZING.
And right beside the salon is such a darling coffee place called The Tampered Press that I only discovered this Saturday!
The Tampered Press
Pic from here
I actually ran into my hair stylist there :)
The Tampered Press
Pic from here
I grabbed a latte.

Next time I want to be sure to grab one of their homemade Oreos.
How awesome does this look?
The Tampered Press
Pic from here
Anywho then it was time to make the decision....and...
I'm fully brunette.
And a little apprehensive lol.

The kind words from my beautiful friends certainly helped tremendously!
And a certain grad school classmate from Miami who may have commented..."it looks awesome!!!"
Lol I'm such a sucker.

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