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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A fantastic New Year's Eve

This New Year's Eve was epic y'all.
Oh my goodness when I think about it I turn into a puddle of giddiness.
Seriously amazing!
I'm getting way ahead of myself.

For starters it almost didn't happen.
The car rental I had set up through when I arrived to pick up my car at 3pm I pulled up to an closed rental agency...they closed at 1pm.
I almost began hyperventilating at the perspective of not getting to go.
I needed the escape.

Luckily there was a Hertz a few doors down that had an available option.

So before I knew I was cruising on down I-95 to Miami.
With the sound out and the music playing I already felt a ton better.

So it was great because I got to go see one of my classmates from graduate school.
I hadn't seen him since we graduated five years ago.
And it was just like old times.
We had always got along great at school often studying and hanging out together.

I arrived at his brother's place and got to meet his brother's lovely wife and their adorable little girl.
We were hanging out and chatting because he had just hopped in the shower.
When he came out he was so sweet he was like you look JUST like you did in school...these years have been great to you.
And they had certainly been great to him...he was tanned and toned and making me crack up as usual.

We first headed out to grab a quick sub and catch up on each other's lives.
Then we headed over to one of his good friends homes.
It was a beautiful backyard party.
With a fire pit, blankets and pillows, and 6 large wrought iron candelabras on which they placed candles in mason jars.
It was beautiful and perfect.

So we settled into a night of a great time.
Drinking, eating and doing crazy things like walking around the block with suitcases as this is supposed to bring travels in the new year.

Staying up all night until it was time to head back to his brother's place to crash.
I'm not even sure how it happened.
Maybe it was my sexy pajamas of yoga pants and a t-shirt (obviously I'm being sarcastic).
But the next thing I knew we were kissing.
Kissing a lot.
Kissing until 9:30am.

Then we headed out to the porch to hang out and chat and not wake up anyone.
And the hangover started creeping in.
And I started getting nervous.
Not only was my hair was a mess and my makeup no longer existent...but would this be weird?
We never had been in this position before...nothing like this had ever happened in graduate school.
Was I destined to have the same let's not make this awkward conversation with him like Will?!

We decided to change into some beach ware and head to the beach.

And I tried not to look like such an awful mess.
And as he drove he reached across and grabbed my hand.
And my stomach did butterflies.

And the little things...giggling as he brought my hand up to kiss it.
We pulled up to the beach and decided it would be a good thing to grab more drinks.
And joined people at the bar that clearly never left the bar.

Girls in shiny mini dresses or belly baring crop tops and long flowey skirts.

And we ordered drinks and chatted about things.
He told me no one paid any attention to him in graduate school whereas I was the prettiest girl in the class...and my face flushed.
I told him he was always this good looking and girls would have gone after him more but he seemed to be not serious and just enjoying his single self at the time.

And he would do things like lean over and tell me to kiss him.
And I was only too happy to oblige.

Leaning back into the sun thinking...oh my goodness this is my life.
I swear I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
Especially when he would lean over and say things like, "you're really beautiful Teagan".

After a few cocktails we headed to the beach hand in hand.
He spread out a beach blanket and we hung out for a bit.
He convinced me to take a dip in the ocean.
Winking at me as he said, you'll have to take that green dress off though.
And I cringed a little as I did and hoped he didn't notice my cellulite.
As he took off his shirt and I stared...damn he's handsome.

We ran into the water giggling like teenagers.
Jumping in the waves before he pulled me against him.
Making out as the waves hit us and just laughing.
Headed out to dry in the sun and making out on the beach blanket like a couple of 16 year olds.
Him telling me he'd like to do a whole lot more of what we did a few hours before.
And the rest of the afternoon flew by.
Pic from here

I was disappointed when the day flew by and all of a sudden it came to the end.
As we headed to his brother's house.
We hung out on the porch a little...kissed a little more.
And as he walked me to my car he pulled me in for just one more.

I drove back to my parent's place just over the moon happy.
Best new year's eve in a very long time.
Could he turn into a MrGradschool?
I try not to let myself hope too much...because it's impossible really.

He did text me last night with a "hey Teagan-have a safe trip back to Canada.  Let's keep in touch!  It was great to see you! :)"
I replied as casually as I could with a "Sounds great.  I had a great time :)"
Nothing will probably happen...but is it bad that the littlest part of me is hoping it does?

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