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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapter X-46: I suck

So "will" to ignore Jacob...totally didn't hold up.
I caved...I folded.
When he messaged me at (9:45pm) and I was boredly folding laundry.
So I messaged back "hi"...
Only to start into step one of our pattern (read here for full pattern).

We talked about nothing.
Just your basic, hi how are ya's.
I asked about that disc/flashcard of resources he was supposed to send me and he said he hadn't had a chance to yet.

He wanted to know when I would be coming to the USA (I replied no idea...just that pesky immigration issue looming).  AND I didn't ask him when he was coming to Canada. Go me.
Then he said I should work in Canada for a bit and move to the USA???
Ummm really???
I told him I thought it was a futile dream to do that.
He then put a :( and said he was sad because he wanted me to come to the USA.
I chose that point to say "hey I have to go I have friend coming over to borrow some books" (and YES that was the best excuse I could make to stop talking to him...yes I'm that lame).

Then just as I think I'm in the clear and write TTYL
He writes...bye sexy zuzu (darn nicknames and why WHY must you write sexy????)
I choose to ignore this and not respond (because I have a "friend" coming over to pick up books right???)
Then he writes "I've been thinking about you :)"
So then I respond (I know I know smack me will ya?) "about sending me a disc of resources? haha...gotta go ttyl"
He wrote "bye".

And that my friends is why I suck.
I need to have my paperwork hurry up and get here so I can out of here and start my life over.
And for the record I left my cell phone in my car so I wouldn't be tempted to respond to Jacob if he messages me during the day.

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