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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend Plans

This weekend will include a weekend trip to...

So on my mission to be less of a hermit I am trying to get out there and be social.
Shelby invited me with her and another girlfriend to go out in Waterloo Saturday night.
Which is our (the Canada girls and Shelby's) old undergraduate city.

I haven't been there in YEARS!  Which will be cool to reminice.  Oh the campus and the fun and studying that was had there.  I spent way WAY to much time in the Library...

Our campus is know as the "Silicon Valley of the North" and is definitely an academic school.  But our campus isn't exactly pretty like pictures I've seen of Auburn or the amazing U of Michigan Campus.

The library is quite the sight at night all "lite up".

Especially when people have been studying way too long.  I remember this occuring every exam season with people rushing and opening/closing curtains in reflect the general feeling of exam time at school.  UWaterloo really prepared me for graduate school.  Our UNDERGRAD Honours Bachelor of Science was 32 hours a week  (which was not the case of my friends in the south where 18 hours was considered full time).  So that plus Varsity Cheerleading PLUS Kappa stuff and I was a super busy girl.  Hence the generalized panic feeling during exams...(warning: it is explicit!)

So this Saturday will be a chance to get dolled up and go out and have drinks and not worry about being seen.  Not in the sense of carrying on and being belligerent but just to be able to let loose. Not being in my home town where I will ALWAYS run into someone I know.

I know on weekends I've been bumming around in baggy sweats and being all hermit like.
But I think it is time to get out there a little bit more.
So maybe this is the weekend to push that.
Maybe push myself into dressing up and embracing my KimKardashian curves haha.

Also...this is very exciting and one for the bucket list which is...
Attend an awards show!
On Sunday my brother and I are doing a "bro-sis trip" to the Juno's in the TDot!

Not excited?  I am because it is Canada's Music Awards...our equivalent to the Grammys.

Remember when Taylor came to Canada we went to the Bata Shoe Museum and there was this exhibit on shoes?  (you can read that here)...well they were all from these artists who had performed/been awarded Junos.

Its the 40th Anniversary of the Juno's also!
Hosted by Drake (who I love).

He had this to say about hosting...""I am beyond honoured to be hosting this monumental Juno Awards in the greatest city on Earth," said Drake in a press release issued this morning. "I want to bring a youthful energy to the show and encourage people to be excited about what Canadian music has to offer."  Rumor also has it that Drake is trying to bring in some of his big name friends to boost the Canadian award shows, especially being hosted in his home town!  It is set to be the biggest Junos EVER.  The Biebs will be there I'm guessing.

With performances by...

"Hmmm…how to I keep warm during a Canadian winter? Check out who’ll be taking the stage rocking, popping, and crooning during the 2011 Juno Awards Ceremony on Sunday March 27.

Watching the show from the suburbs? Arcade Fire leads the performances pack with 5 nominations and a performance right here in Toronto when they take the stage to show Canada why they’re celebrating 40 years of fan-frigging-tastic Canadian music!

Need a challenge? Who will appear on stage and how will they all fit on stage when Broken Social Scene marches up to show the nation why they secured 4 Juno nominations? The band had anywhere from six to nineteen members!

Pop music your thang? Down With Webster are your boys (and they’ve got two nominations to boot!). Still exploding since they broke out on the scene, they’ve delivered hit after hit so you know you’ll be outta your seat when they rock out on stage!

Feeling cold? Grab a sweater from Hedley who’ll take the stage. And if their past performances have taught us anything, they can do soul, rock, pop and ballads– they’ll own the stage with whatever they’re planning to make us move! Let’s hope they’ll take the stage another time for a win from one of their 4 nominations.

And we haven’t forgotten Canada’s love for country music (we all watch CMT!). We’re hoping the 4 nomination-scooping Johnny Reid can make it two for two as a multiple Juno winner when he takes the stage to perform! Let’s go country!"

Also Sarah McLachlin and Chromeo.

The presenters include: 

Billy Talent, Metric’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw, Randy Bachman, Buck 65, Great Big Sea, Melanie Fiona, Keshia Chante, Classified, Dan Hill, Wes Williams (Maestro), Royal Wood, and eTalk TV host Ben Mulroney are the final Juno Awards presenters added to Sunday night’s two-and-a-half hour broadcast from the Air Canada Centre (CTV, 8 p.m. ET).  They join previously announced presenters Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Daniel Lanois, deadmau5, K’naan, K’NAAN, Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley, Robbie Robertson, Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee and Shad. and Minister Charles Moore.

Admittingly I only know the ones that are I highlighted PINK!
Anywho I'm really really excited.
And I can cross "Attend an Awards Show" off my bucket list!
Yea!!!!  I'm so excited?!
I have no idea how it works in terms of if we just go to the auditorium or do we try to check out the red carpet or all that stuff!  I'm pretty excited though :) 
I'm slowly but surely getting back to myself...thank goodness!!!

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