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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Self Made Long Weekend Update ~ Monday Funday

Monday I took the day off partly because I was celebrating the fact that I passed all my tests!  I haven't hung out with Eva since Quinn's birthday party (read that post here).
So I decided it would be fun to hang out with her on Monday (her day off) since she lives in a suburb of the TDot.

It totally left me with mixed feelings.
A huge part had that darn emeraldeyedgirl coming out.
I have so much love for Eva and she is honestly one of the most amazing women I know.
I certainly am happy for everything with her but it sometimes SUCKS to hold it all in and smile and be happy when by comparison my life blows.
And I KNOW comparing yourself to others likely leads you to being a emeraldeyedgirl but sometimes I can't help it!

Okay so the positives...
I met her early morning for hot yoga.
Generally I shy away from the 90 minute classes.
But Eva has a class that she swears by.
We both share a love for yoga...I had planned to do yoga the morning of my wedding in a private studio to just calm myself down (and Eva was the first one to go HECK yes I'm in)...sigh.
Anywho Eva is really REALLY good at yoga and this was definitely a hard core class.
It felt great to get a sweat on and hopefully get closer to looking like the girls in the class who just about all looked like THIS!

Craziness! But so good.
And how sweet that Eva gave me a shirt from Lululemon (my FIRST ONE!!) remember when I wrote about my mum's birthday gift (read here) and said I had nothing I do!!! It's perfect and so pretty and of course the right size (told you Eva is amazing!)  Now mind you I am the heaviest I have ever been.  So I'm extra glad for the fitted on top loose on the bottom fit of this top.  I think the sweetheart neckline (thank you wedding dress shopping for my improved neckline vocabulary) is complimentary on me.  The back view is a little wonky and rotated but I think the back is really cool (minus the roll over the right side of the top grrrr).  Holla at the KimKardashian booty out in full force in the pic.  I will definitely be looked to Lulu the next time I need new yoga gear.  However, you cannot beat the price of Target and that is 99% of my workout gear.  Though the quality and feel of Lululemon is out of this world...(but so are their prices sorry Lulu but I'm still rocking the receptionist salary here).

So then we went back to her new place.  She just moved from a one bedroom condo (the one we had a final party in the second night of Taylor's visit to Canada (read here)) into a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs.  It is huge and perfect and we went through the entire thing while she told me about her plans and the new furniture they plan on getting for the place.  And while I was so so SO happy for her I had this knot in my stomach the whole time.  It is like getting a glimpse of everything I want in life and knowing I can't have it.  I really really REALLY want to be able to go house hunting with a husband and plan a house and buy furniture and still be planning my wedding (hers is at the end of May).  I'm so excited for her they are already planning on having kids ASAP after their wedding too.  But in all reality besides all the material things I'm super emeraldeyed over... I really just want someone to spend the rest of my life with.  I don't think I will ever be that lucky.

Anyway from there we had to go pick up my bro (who I left sleeping in at the hotel all morning) to go have lunch together.  On our drive down Eva and I chatted away and she showed me pics of her wedding dress fitting (another stomach knot), and about wedding details (more and more knots).  But I smiled and chatted away with her because I am geniunly happy for her.  It is also pretty important to note that Eva and I are so similar (and were roomates in first year dorm and all my years of collge).  So things about the wedding are very similar (we had booked the same videographer because of her recommendation).  From our invites, to bridemaid attire, to planned events they were nearly identical.  A fact that many of the Canadian girls found extremely amusing. 

So we picked up my bro and headed to....wait for it...
CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Toronto got two of them this year!)

How freaking excited was I?!  It's been 2 years plus since I've had Chipotle.
So I had to share this with Eva.

It was awesome to reminisce about my MANY MANY trips to Chipotle with Taylor.
It was just as I remembered and my bro and I even took Chips/Guac/Salsa home for a snack.

Then we headed back to the 'burbs because Eva wanted to show me the cute little "town" feeling in the middle of big city Toronto.
It was adorable they have a little main street that Eva and her fiance walk to.

There is a little park where they will take photos on their wedding day.

The church for their ceremony is also in this little "town".

We stopped by the Old Fire House Convectionery on Main Street.

They had DELISHIOUS candy apples (and bonus they cut them up in slices for you so you don't have to wear the candy part all over your face).

I haven't had a Candy apple since before I had braces (back when I was 14!)
So that was a super fun indulgence.  Yea I know I shouldn't complain about the way I look when I go and eat a candy apple! 

So we finished up and dropped off Eva at her house.
I ran in to use the bathroom and Eva opened some of her mail.
She groaned out loud because she is getting back wedding responses now and I guess her fiance's brother wanted to invite some friends.
Eva and her fiance were cool with that and invited some.
But they didn't invite said "friend" plus guest.
However said friends were RSVPing with their name AND guest.
So Eva was stressed because they have a 220 max and invited 250 and only 6 have responded no.
Then my guilt kicked in because remember I invited Will (read here) AND I can't for the life of me remember if my invite was to me or to me AND guest.  (I totally threw out that outside envelope).
And I didn't want to stress Eva out so I didn't mention anything about it.
Jane (who is in the wedding party) seemed to think inviting him was such a great idea (and she is in the know about the wedding) but now I'm not so sure.  (Plus I'm not sure Will will even come even though I really REALLY would like him to but it is Memorial Day weekend in the USA~ remember this post when he responded to my invite?)  I know I should just ASK her about it but I didn't think it was the right moment.  I see no reason to ask her and put her in that akward position if Will can't even come :(

Overall it was great to see Eva and I know it must be nice for her to be proud of all the fun exciting things in her life!  I also know if the shoe was on the other foot she would be gracious and supportive and amazing to me.
It was tougher than I thought it would be...but I managed.
Then my bro and I made the drive back home and I was exhausted from the weekend and was in bed by like 8:30pm!
And that was how I spent my Monday off!
Trying desparately not to be a emeraldeyedgirl...hmmm not sure I succeeded.

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  1. Chipotle's margaritas are the least expensive, but most amazing margaritas out there. Love going there.

    Caramel apples rolled in white chocolate then cinnamon sugar & cut up are my fav. Yum.

    Oh, also, sounds like you did amazing with the emerald eyed bit. I'm just guessing, but YOU of all people bringing a plus one would do the opposite of stress her out. She'll be happy for you that you'll have someone with you, plus you're not a friend of a friend, you're one of her closest friends.

  2. Sad to say I don't think I've ever had a Chipotle Margarita but now that you say that I will have to remember to.

    Oh my gosh that sounds delishious! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those.

    Thanks for encouragement about the plus one thing...I have a feeling I won't have to worry about it because it is memorial Day weekend and I know Will loves his family holidays so we will see. Fingers crossed that it all works out :)

  3. That tank from Lulu is ADORABLE and I want to go out and buy it for myself today! (How's that for emerald eyed?! tee hee.)

    Chipotle. Mmmm. Love, love, love. Wish there was one closer to my office. Probably good that there isn't.

  4. I love both and need to do the yoga after all that Chipotle-goodness :) xo