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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lulu "Necessities"

So remember when I wrote all about my mum's birthday gift of Yoga classes? (read here if you don't).
Tonight is our first class.
It isn't a beginner class (those conflict with her work schedule) but I figure its a good yoga studio and she should be okay.
It is also hot yoga...I'm hoping this isn't irritating to my mum.

I have to go buy water bottles because the studio that we are going to doesn't allow disposable plastic water bottles.  I used to have a ton of Nalgene's but can't find any of them.
I went on the Lulu website and they are really pretty.
My dad gave me money for that and yoga towels.
I know I'm totally spoiled AND I am feeling frustrated that I have been turning down my dad EVERY time for money when I watch my brother buy watches, clothing, and other junk all.the.time.  So I'm giving in and taking it this time.
The good news is my dad doesn't ever throw it in my face or ask me for money back for things he gives me...unlike the mum wedding mirror incident which I will have to write about in full detail later.

I'm thinking of getting these because they are thin and non slip.
They are a little pricy at $65 + 13% tax considering it is a towel.
Does anyone have experience with them?
I got Eva one for her birthday last year and she seemed to love it.
Haha guess my Lulu purchases are on the way up.
Well when funded by my dad anyway.
I will keep you posted on what I pick and how it works at yoga tonight.
Can you tell I'm stressing about tonight?

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