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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patiently Waiting

I am patiently waiting on many MANY things.

~Spencer to call/text/email so we can finalize everything (yup he STILL hasn't responded to last week (see here) like he said he would (here).)  I am trying to avoid having to file things here from my country because it will cost me around 15X...YES it will cost me 15 TIMES the amount it would cost him to file and seeing as he has done NOTHING to help the situation he created I'm getting angry and frustrated. 

~Mainly I'm frustrated because I'm going to have to fork over MORE money just to be done with it.  I shouldn't have to but it might be all that much better to just be done with it.  And that is super duper annoying to realize.  Especially because that will depleat both my "New Place Fund" and "Car Fund" completely meaning I may be stuck in my town instead of moving to the TDot longer than planned (well the test results also have a lot to do with that too!)

~You will proud to know that I haven't actually talked to Jacob since (here) due to my wimpy passive rules of if he doesn't contact me I don't reach out to him and I JUST realized we haven't talked since March 2nd.  I should so not respond anyhow to him but maybe it will be easier the longer we don't talk.

~I keep refreshing my email because the last time I took a National Exam the result were meant to take 6 weeks and they came out one month and 3 days later...which would be TODAY!  So I'm awaiting my results from one month and 3 days ago in Calgary (read here).

~So remember I invited my friend Will to Eva's wedding (read here) well I haven't heard from him.  Now I'm wondering if I maybe crossed the line in asking him to be my plus one.  (He does have a girlfriend) but my girls think I'm over thinking it because we have such a great friendship.  So close that when we graduated our families plus one other classmate had our families all have dinner at Three Forks (a fancy schmancy steak place in Dallas) all together.  We had planned this since our first semester.  I've spent a lot of time with him and his family and we have been buddies through too many dramatic relationships to count (but I will cover mine in my ExBoyfriend Project haha).  I almost want to email him and be like uhhhh hope I didn't cause any weirdness.

~THIS JUST IN...remember my essay test I mentioned briefly at the end of the post here...I just got the email that I passed!!!!!!  Now if only Provincials and Nationals would follow suit!  So One out of Three passed...please oh please let me pass Three out of Three.

So I'm patiently waiting, patiently working, part of me wishing I could erase Spencer completely kind of like that weird Jim Carrey movie about Spotless Sunshine or something.  Part of me wishing I could fast forward these  next 6 months.  Wishing to finally get back to my bubbly happy self.  Its definitely a work in progress.

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  1. Congratulations on passing your test! That's another step in the right direction. Also, when I clicked on the link to find out about the test, I found out that you collect Christmas ornaments which I do as well. I love decorating the tree each year with the one or two new ones from our adventures that year. We went on a cruise to Alaska last summer and I got one in every stop including Vancouver so this year's Christmas tree was a lot of fun to put up! :) Hang in there - the waiting will be over soon I hope!

  2. Wheeee! Congratulations on passing your test!

    I really hope that Spencer gets his shit togther soon. Does he just suppose that if he ignores this long enough it will all go away? I'm sorry. I'm sorry he's so difficult. I'm sorry that you're going through this situation at all.

  3. @AnEarly30 Thanks :) Yes I love collecting Christmas ornaments so I don't end up with shelves of stuff or a drawer full of t-shirts from destinations. It is very fun to remember all the things (most of the time haha). I can't wait for this waiting to be done...thanks for the support. xo

    @A- Thanks:) It' snot looking like he will get his shit together any time soon (if ever)...I guess I shouldn't really be surprized. Just super duper annoying (and expensive). Bummer and it's not like the reception world is a high earning category. No choice but to move forward :) xo