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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter 2: Suddenly Everything Has Changed*

So where was I??...
That's right dumped by my first real boyfriend Gavin.
No prom date and no actual way to even go to Prom (because of my uber strict Catholic school).
Panic mode had just set in.
Also of note in Canada we have one prom...ever... it is in Grade 12).
So all the Seventeen, YM, and Teen magazines I had been reading since I was a preteen about prom and my beautiful fantasies of what it would be like were dashed in an instance.

My prom fantasies were all about dancing and getting dolled up etc.
I would not be one of those ill-fated virgins deflowered at prom.
I had only made it to "first base" with my first real boyfriend.
I was terrified of doing "it".  I could barely use a tampon I didn't want ANYone doing ANYthing in that area.
(Told you I was going to be brutally honest).

I think that I was a ghost of myself at school and felt like EVERYone was whispering too.
To make matters worse I had surrounded myself so much by him and his friends I felt lost.

After school that day I met up with one of my best friends Cammy.
I guess I owe a little bit of backround on Cammy.
We had been friends since we both made it onto the Varsity Cheerleading team when I was in 10th grade and she was in 9th grade.
Cammy was like the big sister I never had (even though she was younger). 
She was way cooler and more experienced in every way.
Hung with the fast crowd.
In fact she had recently moved on from her stoner-boyfriend to one of the very popular kids.

The popular kids at my school hung out in the rotunda area.
This rotunda was a central crux to the school that you could NOT avoid (no matter how desperately you wanted to!)  It was always full of the cool crowd.
I never ventured there at all.
I was completely intimidated.
These kids knew how to intimidate and crush self-esteem like no one's business.
So this popular guy Cammy started dating (we will call him Dave) was a football player and popular kid.
He was hilarious and one of the go-to guys for popular kids.  He was even part of the only pop boy band that once in awhile participated in the school talent show (think 'NSYNC/Backstreet Boys...white jeans and bright coloured dress shirts)  told you they were popular....they could do anything they wanted.

So Cammy had been dating Dave for a few weeks and I was going to drop her off after cheer practice at his house.
She was like "Hey Teagan why don't you come in and hang out with us for a bit"
I thought, why not heck I had nothing better to do.
So we are hanging out and Dave asked me "so Teagan what do you think of my cousin Nathan?"
I responded "I mean I know who Nathan is...but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know I exist."
To this Dave responded (with laughter) "of course he knows who you are! We have gone to school together for 4 years...and he's a football player and you've been a cheerleader for like ever."
I responded "okay so what about Nathan."
Dave then SHOCKED the hell out of me "well what if he took you to prom?"
I was like " guess I thought it was kind of hopeless for me to go to prom."
Dave was like "well what if I arranged a lunch date for you guys tomorrow and you can hang out and see if you guys hit it off."
Me "as like a trial basis"
Dave "well at least then you will talk to each other before just agreeing to go to prom together"
Me "seriously he want to have lunch with me?!"
Dave "I don't know why this is a big shock to you"

I was stunned.  I knew who Nathan was...a year older in grade 13 (totally normal in Canada we used to have 5 years of high school).  I big tall cool football player. 
And he actually knew who I was???
I guess this last year...I went through some significant good changes (mostly physical haha)... when I first got together with my first boyfriend Gavin it was shortly after I had my braces taken off and that Accutane (Acne Medication) had totally started to work well).  Maybe it was the start of me being a late bloomer.  I was in great shape from the rigors of Varsity Cheerleading and I did have a solid group of friends.
I did well in school (as always).  And really had it pretty well together...but I was really really shy unless it was with my friends that I was super comfortable with.

So then my mind began racing...What the heck was I going to wear?! know the important things.
So on my drive home I was I can't believe it...oh my god what is everyone going to SAY.
This was a HUGE cross over in the popularity levels.
I remember there had been SO much stress and drama over Cammy and Dave.
You see she had previously hung out with the stoner crowd so none of the popular girls were taking too kindly to her cross-over to the elite.
Cammy just didn't give a shit.
In fact Dave wasn't taking Cammy to Prom (she was in Grade 11 he in Grade 12) because he had already promised to take a friend...I was a little leery how true this actually was.
But I sure as hell wasn't going to point it out to her.

So I went home my stomach full of nervous butterflies...just what the heck was going to happen the next day? Did this really happen?
Am I actually going on a date with Nathan?
Wait a second did I really want to go on a date with Nathan...hmmm what could I remember about him?  (The popular boys sure didn't have great reputations).
It's not like I could turn him down...after all he was who he was (popular and cool)...and I still couldn't believe he had a peaked interest in me!
I was completely and utterly freaked out. 
The next day was going to change things for sure...but in what way?
I was about to find out.


To be continued...

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