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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreams...still wacked out

I woke up this morning at 8:36am and groaned out loud...thinking to myself why can't I just sleep until noon so that there is less of a day to have to drag myself through!

Its because I'm having weird weird dreams...definitely stressed!

I had this dream that I was in a high school type setting.
I was worried because my boyfriend "Will" was inviting me for the first time to a society uppity type of event and I was concerned I wouldn't fit in.

I was discussing this with a classmate.  Then I randomly signed up for an advanced French class (hmmm maybe my Paris goal coming into play).  That was taking a trip abroad to!

So the class goes to Singapore where we are on a yellow bus (pretty sure I didn't see any yellow school buses the whole time I was in Singapore.)  Then we stop for lunch.  Where Eva is there and the rest of the girls.  Also there randomly is Bonni...who is an old high school friend that I havne't talked to in years.  Everyone is at a hawker (which is like local asian junk food) but wanting American food.  So I'm trying to help people by remembering where the American food is there.  Only the girls don't want to leave and are trying to teach the local Asians how to make pizza.  I sneak off with Bonni to find real pizza and instead of her being happy or greatful she reams me out.  She is berating me and just putting me down the whole way back to the Hawker area where everyone is.  I do not even attempt to stand up for myself.  Then Eva realizes what is happening and nearly kicks the sh*t out of Bonni.  We somehow make it on the bus where we drive past a group of people that I knew in Singapore.  I will refer to them as the bad news bears.  I ducked down to hide in the seats...and that is when I woke up.

My dreams are so weird!!! And I totally don't wake up feeling refreshed by any stretch of the means.  Sigh....I want good dreams so badly.  What is my issue?!

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